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Subject: russian population implosion    3/29/2002 4:26:01 PM
At this rate,Chinese immigrants can take over Russia just by taking over jobs left vacent by non-existant Russians!
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Four Federal Pensions    RE:russian population implosion   3/30/2002 7:24:16 AM
Your comments are very close to the mark. I had heard that in a number of Russian lands that border China, there are more Chinese living there than Russians! Sino-Russian relations have had a history of conflict, dating back to the Mongol invasion. After the Opium Wars Russia strong-armed China into signing treaties that gave away some valuable agricultural and maritime lands- including the port city of Vladivostok. In more recent times, we had during the Cold War days numerous clashes among the border. I would say that this area bears watching in the future.
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