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Subject: RE: Comments on Article: Mending the U.S. Military    3/13/2001 10:12:42 AM
Nobody Asked Me But: As regards keeping women out of basic training and combat assingments, I am in favor of a "total ban" on their involvement. History has shown that men will fight better, harder and with more controlled violence if women are NOT present. The U.S. military has one mission: WIN WARS! Any social aspect which degrades that capability, is a threat. As a proud Vietnam Era veteran, I know this is true. However, the comments against a "family friendly" military are wrong and very shortsighted. Military families, if properly nurtered, will predominantly produce the "best" next generations of patriotic sons and daughters. We desperately need clear headed, courageous, disciplined and self-reliant new Americans -- after all, these new Americans may have to "go at" the Chinese! So, your take on this is should be reconsidered. Planning to win future wars is a TODAY assignment! Those who ignore this dictum will end up on the trash heap of history! As for George W. Bush, he was a TOTAL SLACKER in the Air national Guard. Bush is a phoney patriot who has failed at everything he has ever attempted in life. Without his "Daddy," he is nothing! Bush deserves no more respect that that "draft dodging" Clinton deserved -- ZERO! Senator John McCain is my man, a real man! A man "tested by commies," a hero, a real American patriot! McCain should be our President --not that congenital idiot "Georgie Boy." Nicole Montgomery, Army Security Agency (ASA), E-6 (Ret.)
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puzzled    RE: Comments on Article: Mending the U.S. Military   3/13/2001 11:14:07 AM
On the subject of NMD Perhaps it's just me, but if I was in charge of Iraq, Iran or N. Korea, the LAST thing I would do is fire a nuclear missile at the USA. I can't think of a better way of committing suicide. If I was mad enough to want to bomb the USA, I'd try to smuggle a bomb in. All the anti ICBM systems in the world won't stop that. On the subject of mending the US army Didn't the Russians have women in front line units in WW2? I can understand why women may be unsuited for infantry/engineers, but being smaller I'd have thought they'd make better pilots and Tankers? Nice to see that Nicole has lined up the Chinese as future opponents. I think there is a saying, "Your enemies aren't the people who hate you, they are the people who you hate".
Quote    Reply    RE: Comments on Article: Mending the U.S. Military   3/13/2001 11:53:12 AM
Dear Puzzled: Nothing is pre-ordained, except perhaps, defeat in the absence of vigilance! Sounds corny but its true! Human nature coupled with the history of "realpolitic" and "geo-political competition" makes conflict amongst 1000 lb. Gorrillas highly likely, but certainly "not" inevitable. Hitorical paradigms may have fundamentally transformed nation-state incentives toward cooperative "domination" and "exploitation," instead of head-to-head competition. A cooperative "Orwellian" order, may be our New World Order. Of course, even a prolonged high-itensity conventional conflict between the U.S. and China would certainly devastate the world's economy, let alone its environment. Hopefully, Winston Churchill's prediction that peace would finally come to our earth through the promise of inevitable and total destruction of all parties engaged in a modern conflict -- will come true! If not, well, then perhaps we were never destined to become a space-faring race. And, that would be such a shame! Termination would just take all the fun out of evolution! Nicole
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sooner    RE: Comments on Article: Mending the U.S. Military   1/28/2004 11:36:48 AM
If you think that a man can become the president of the United States, the most powerful country in the world, because of his father, you are either mis-informed or just plain crazy.
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sooner    RE: Comments on Article: Mending the U.S. Military   2/22/2004 10:45:07 AM
As a veteran of the Gulf War II, I can agree.
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wait.wat?    You're posting in the wrong place   2/22/2004 10:59:48 AM
I also agree with sooner. Anyway, why are you posting this here? This is the Russia Category. Screw your G.I. McCain "All American Hero". Kerry was in Vietnam too, what's wrong with him? (I don't support the Democrats, but still) Go post this where it belongs.
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sooner    RE:You're posting in the wrong place   2/22/2004 11:43:53 AM
Sir yes sir!
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sentinel28a    RE:You're posting in the wrong place   2/23/2004 12:32:24 AM
Kerry sat next to Jane Fonda while she spouted her anti-American crap during the Vietnam War. I don't hate him, but neither do I respect him. McCain, on the other hand, kept the faith in the Hanoi Hilton and has done his best for this nation ever since--more so than Kerry or GW Bush, IMHO. You're right, this is in the wrong category. Maybe the Sysops can move it?
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