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Subject: Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive
sooner    2/15/2004 11:26:23 AM
The U.S. captured Saddam Hussein with the first 8 months of war. Will they ever catch Bin Laden? Or will he continue to haunt the Americans forever?
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sooner    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/21/2004 11:19:12 AM
Wonderful question, anyone have any input?
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wait.wat?    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/21/2004 12:56:30 PM
Wonderful question. Wrong region, unfortunately.
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sooner    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/21/2004 1:00:08 PM
I'm well aware of the region in question. I read the "Times" too. Is it personal, or do you really think anyone on earth is oblivious to the issue
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wait.wat?    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/21/2004 1:09:03 PM
It was personal. Against those attacks you were making. Well, I suppose they'll catch him eventually but... probably not any time soon. But we don't have much room for judgement on this particular issue, just speculation. I mean, he could be in Pakistan or even farther out, God knows where.
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sooner    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/21/2004 1:20:43 PM
Maybe far-fetched. But do you suppose that the Americans already have Bin Laden? One would think that they would love to announce to the world of the capture if it was to be. But could a quiet capture insure the most effective intelligence?
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sooner    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/22/2004 8:28:19 AM
Does anyone think that killing or capturing Bin Laden would crush the Al-Qeada network? Or has it gotten so big that he is merely a "smaller player" than in the beginning?
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Panther    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   2/26/2004 9:37:26 AM
"Does anyone think that killing or capturing Bin Laden would crush the Al-Qeada network?" Nah, his "cult" of personality is capable of going on without him. His organization has some sophistication to it, that we're any truth of his death were to leak out they would instantly proclaim him a martyr. To be sure his capture would take the steam out of his followers, there would still be the problem of chechen rebels in russia, all the polygot wannabes terrorists spread through out the middle east, not including the palestinians hizzbolah(spelling?), hamas, etc... etc... That also doesn't include the need to confront it in south america, europe, africa, SE asia. Hell even here in the states, where there is no government restrictions on freedom of religon. Contrary to what one might hear, the govt. is'nt about to place federal minder's in any mosque's across america. That is to say, the govt. is placing it's faith in practicing muslim's to report any activity that promotes, and exhorts one to violent terrorism/extremeism. "Or has it gotten so big that he is merely a "smaller player" than in the beginning" Once again, the want of the u.s. govt. too prosecute this man is without question. In american eyes he will not be relegated to the role of a minor player; for his will to wage a jihad against my country, (that thankfully hardly any muslim's ever took the man seriously) that led after so many bombing's against us across the middle east and africa, that the final reults were 9-11. Even if the rest of the world, thinks he doesn't matter anymore. His constant whining of death to americans for the past 13 years has a certain guarantee of either: Practicing what he preaches (and ending up six feet under) or a nice comfy little cell and a trial, that would determine whether he should be six feet under or locked in a padded cell for the rest of his natural life.
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jastayme3    RE:Osama Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive   8/27/2004 1:26:00 PM
preferably dead
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celebrim    RE:Osama Bin Laden will never die*...   8/27/2004 3:46:43 PM
*He's the Elvis of the 21st century. The true believers will never believe he is dead. It maybe that he's already dead. It maybe that he's dying of old age as we speak. But there will continue to be Osama sightings clear until he would be 140 years old (and then some). Just like Elvis is believed to be living with aliens, and is returned via flying saucer to spend time in rural dinners, the myth of Osama is just going to grow and grow. My personal feeling is that he died shortly after Tora Bora, probably of jaundice resulting from kidney failure. Then again, he may have died in Tora Bora, buried fittingly beneath a mountain of burning rubble. Or he may still be alive, crippled and living on opium that he takes to reduce the pain from his chronic kidney stones. Or he may be in Iran living his last days out in relative luxury as the guest of some Imman, but no longer having any operational control over the organization he once built. In any event, whenever he dies, no one is going to really believe it. If the U.S. captures him, or comes up with the body, there will always be some who will say that it isn't really him, and others who will say that we've had him (dead or alive) for years.
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Ashley-the-man    RE:Osama Bin Laden will never die*...   9/1/2004 9:05:35 PM
Agreed with celebrim. I think he died in Afghanistan. Whether the government knows or not doesnt matter. If he is alive, I want to see him roll the boulder from the cave, go visit his followers and show them his wounds. Otherwise my real name is Thomas.
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