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Subject: The Russian Rouse......
human7    2/8/2004 2:56:14 PM
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wait.wat?    RE:The Russian Rouse......   2/8/2004 3:29:50 PM
<<"The Russian military continues to lead the world with the best weapons," noted Weldon. >> We're flattered, really. So we're doing it with US money, so? Not like we are going to use our tech against the US.
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Final Historian    RE:The Russian Rouse......   2/13/2004 4:58:28 PM
I think that this is overwhelmingly alarmist, and should be taken with a grain of salt. It is possible for the Russians to design a "low observabiliy" bomber, but the question is, can they afford to make enough of them to create an effective force? Can they also get the support forces in place as well? The advanced fighters, tankers, airborne radar craft? Unlikely, and the end product will likely suffer from the problem always afflicting Russian weapon systems: low manufacturing quality controls.
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