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Subject: The American attitude
sooner    1/24/2004 12:40:16 PM
Americans have, for a long time now, been regarded as obnoxious, rude, and even a little y. Is it because of their mighty military dominance? Or is it the nature of the people? Does U.S. still have the most lethal military machine on earth?
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Ex98C    RE:The American attitude   1/24/2004 12:54:33 PM
Well I'm an American and the naswer to all three questions is a yes. The first one is the reason, IMO, for the most recent upswing in Anti-Americanism. It has been demonstrated over the past few years that it is a unipolar world right now. That the United States will dominate any arena that it propels itself into. For the first time in a long time there is no power to truely counter balance it. And what is most frightening to the rest of the world..for the first time in our history we seem willing to excercise that power with little restraint. The Ugly American is a sterotype with some grains of truth. For most of our History we have been realivtively issolated from the rest of the world. We seem to believe that everything should be like it is in amerca and that can grate on others nerves. The Thrid question is simple..unless you bring up the Russian nuclear arsenal no one comes close to our military power.
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capitalist72    RE:The American attitude   1/26/2004 7:18:50 PM
"Americans have, for a long time now, been regarded as obnoxious, rude, and even a little y." I can tell you one thing, if Indians, Chinese, or Africans had the overwhelming military, economic, and technological superiority that the US has, it is very likely that they would be much more "arrogant."
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Final Historian    RE:The American attitude   1/26/2004 8:42:15 PM
Good point capitalist72.
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cobaltblue    RE:The American attitude   1/27/2004 2:26:01 AM
let the Americans maintain their arrogant and hypocritical attitudes for the time being. first of all, no foreigners are in a position to mess around w/ the American attitudes. perhaps it may be the best to fuel American arrogance instead, at least while the US$ is overvalued :P but do not favour the Americans for the sake of anti-Americanism. i guess the best point of observation is to put yourself as a second-rate or a minor-rate power, and see how the major m*therf*ckers like the US, the EU, Russia, China, Japan, and India wants to shape the global scenery ... IMHO ... they are pain-in-the-@ss bastards in the long run. you may befriend any one of them, but make sure to , figuratively speaking, have a fully-loaded Colt .44 in case you have to do whatever ...... LOL
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sooner    RE:The American attitude(cobaltblue)   2/21/2004 11:07:18 AM
Have you ever met an American? You are either misinformed or very naive if you think the American government and a few "yankees" directly reflect the quality or character of the American people as a sum.
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carbuff    RE:The American attitude   2/28/2004 11:31:26 AM
Americans should not be painted with a single brush, they come in all sorts, good, bad and ugly. I think like most people they are prone to prejudice, ignorance and pride, it just so happens that they also are the most powerful economically and militarily. I think as far as the history of superpowers go, the US has been the most responsible and egalitarian in history. That said, there is a tremendous room for improvement.
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Phoenix Rising    RE:The American attitude   2/28/2004 12:20:25 PM
I've met more than my fair share of Americans who fit the "ugly American" stereotype. I've also met a fair share of Frenchmen, Germans, Irish, Indians, etc. on my travels that would fit the exact same mould. No culture has a monopoly on obnoxiousness. Regarding military power, let's not forget that the EU, at the very least, has the financial and industrial capacity to be a conventional military power if they want. They have *chosen* not to be, in favor of 35-hour workweeks, cradle-to-grave welfare, and so on. America has made different choices and gotten different results. The phenomenon is the same at the individual level: someone who plunks down a lot of money every month for the best gym membership money can buy and spends a ton of time there is going to have less free money and less free time than someone who doesn't, but the gym rat is probably going to have a better physique. --Phoenix Rising
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sooner    RE:The American attitude   2/28/2004 1:53:22 PM
Wonderful analogy. However, I believe your calculations a far from the exact. Sorry. If there was anyone who could, feasibly, overwhelm or equal America's military strength, they would do so at all costs.
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carbuff    RE:The American attitude   2/29/2004 4:44:26 PM
Nah I agree that Europe could do it, but in your analogy, I would argue the gym fanatic would have a better body, but the other guy would have a better state of mind....which seems to be true of US vs Europe. Why would Europe want to spend more then the US when they are on the same side? US and European interests are really not that far apart. Not far enough apart to really fight a war over anyway. Europe and the US are very interlinked economically, I simply do not see a scenario where they are at war.
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sooner    RE:The American attitude   3/1/2004 1:18:15 PM
True, but I still go back to the fact that Europe would become totally independent (free of US reliance) if it were possible. The guy in the gym calls the shots or else...
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