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Subject: Chechnya    1/9/2002 12:04:41 PM
Anyone know where I could get some good quality pics of the Chechnian war? You can e-mail them to me if you want or just let me know where to find them. Thanks
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Dave    RE:Chechnya   1/9/2002 9:04:24 PM
Here's a site that might help you out: One from the Russian side: There are a couple of websites out there such as and that have some pictures and video from the Chechen side.....but be forwarned that these are very militant Islamic websites. Hope that helps......
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Allan    RE:Chechnya   1/10/2002 1:42:19 AM
Thanks for the sites, I will check them out, and I still am in the look out for some good pics and write ups and such. Thanks again
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