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Subject: Cornered And Coerced
SYSOP    8/16/2022 5:50:27 AM
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Hari Sud       8/16/2022 10:44:40 AM
All nonsense;....... Western propaganda. If there is anything good for Ukraine happened then it was not Ukrainian troops but commando units of British or American did it. In general limited heavy equipment was sent to Ukraine but fell short on ammunition and training which resulted in lot of lost ground and causalities for Ukraine. Most of the heavy equipment the British, American and French sent was test purpose from marketing angle. Now they can claim as tested in war conditions for future sales. There is only one thing good in this war that the Russians have been found to be incapable soldiers and hardware. They almost lost every battle but survived on the back of a few determined Russian Soldiers who have kept the war going.
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Toryu88       8/16/2022 3:09:26 PM
Hari Sud: Your comments are laughable. Are you retired from working for Pravda or what? Everything we've seen coming out of Ukraine show just how inept, incompetent the Russian military really is. Nothing has changed since WWII. Putin is delusional because his people don't tell him the truth. The Chinese are watching and sometime in the next 10-15 years they will occupy Siberia. Russia is incapable of stopping them.
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voland       8/16/2022 5:53:07 PM
@Totyu88 Minor correction: the Chinese need not occupy Siberia. What they need is access to the raw materials, and they already have that. Putin and Xi signed an agreement before the Olympics. Why bother with the infrastructure, defense, etc? Let the Russians deal with it... The only piece they will want is Northern Manchuria taken from them in the mid-19th century.
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2468       8/22/2022 8:23:01 PM
Any UA offensive will likely begin in the South near Kherson and continue into the Crimea. That is where the Russian supply lines are the longest and vulnerable to attack. The UA might be able achieve advantages in supply, man power, artillery, and air/drone power in the region. Russia can't afford to lose Kherson and the Crimea, so it will have to draw troops from East, where the UA is in retreat, and move them to the South. We have been hearing since May, that there is about to be a UA attack in the South. The fact that the UA hasn't started a serious attack in the South, indicates how weak the UA is.
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