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Subject: Searching For A Way Out
SYSOP    5/10/2022 5:22:54 AM
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AzzAzeL       5/23/2022 6:26:44 AM
"Inventing The NATO Threat" is a header or a statement? It's not discussed later on so that's just how you feel?. NATO was created to oppose USSR threat. What was manufactured? There is no law that China would be breaking by importing Russian oil, just as Germany and many EU countries are doing now. If you are referring to Turkey enacting the streats convention, that's for military ships. Overall, just feels like a collection of stereotypes, misrepresentations, and common knowledge information. USSR trying to ally US and nuke China story is way out of proportion to real events.
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AzzAzeL       5/23/2022 6:38:39 AM
Just wanted to add a youtube link to a lecture on NATO if anyone needs some background information. It's timestamped to the 10-15 minute section that tells you all you really need to know.
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