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Subject: It looks like We are out of the ABM
Radioactive Man    12/11/2001 3:39:56 PM
All I can say is, it is about time. I wonder what Putin will be clamouring about now. WASHINGTON — President Bush has decided to give Russia notice that the United States will withdraw from the 1972 nuclear treaty that bans testing of missile defense systems, U.S. government officials said Tuesday. He will announce the decision in the next several days, effectively invoking a clause in the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that requires the United States and Russia to give six months' notice before abandoning the pact.,2933,40613,00.html
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Phoenix Rising    RE:It looks like We are out of the ABM    12/11/2001 4:30:07 PM
Oh well. Alea jacta est.
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stingers    RE:It looks like We are out of the ABM    12/11/2001 7:03:40 PM
In related news, Powell / Putin have made it clear in Moscow that a new Strategic Arms treaty will be needed to cement the reductions agreed upon in Texas.
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pfd    RE:It looks like We are out of the ABM    12/25/2001 2:19:47 PM
The spin I get is that we don't formally bust out of the ABM treaty but can experiment to our wallets discontent. Don't ask-don't tell in other words. In reciprocity we ignore any scary news out of the 'C' place. As a semi-related aside, it seems that most folks don't see Putin as a reformer but as someone to bring a soft type of autocracy. He brings a badly needed sense of self esteem back. While this may seem like a finger in the dike type of attitude, it helps buy time for the Russians to get back on their feet.
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