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Subject: Russian Foreign Policy Sources
Phoenix Rising    12/10/2001 10:41:46 AM
Does anyone have any recommendations for respectable sources for Russian news and foreign policy positions? ITAR-Tass is subscription-based and it looks like their Foreign Ministry Web site is as impoverished as the rest of the country. More specifically, I'm looking for what Ivanov, Putin, and company have been saying about 1) Russia's position should the U.S. decide to go into Iraq; 2) Any change in Russia's previous position and attidute regarding NATO; and 3) The nature and degree of Russia's continuing support for the war on terror. Thanks! --Phoenix Rising
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Radioactive Man    RE:Russian Foreign Policy Sources   12/10/2001 1:08:30 PM
Just off hand your Best bet is CNN
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Jeff from Michigan    RE:Russian Foreign Policy Sources   12/10/2001 2:12:04 PM
Read DEBKA. They have a secretary in every meeting all over the world. :-)
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stingers    RE:Russian Foreign Policy Sources   12/11/2001 7:02:13 PM
I find the and the too pretty good sides of the spectrum, but they are just news sites unfortunately.
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