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Subject: CCCP: SVD's, CA , Russian immigrants but no pickled fish this time
SGTObvious    5/1/2003 8:04:23 AM
CCCP, in answer to your questions: I know of only one person who owns an SVD rifle. I am in NYC where owning weapons is not easy, so there may be many more owned across the country, I just don't know how popular it is. "CA" I always thought this stood for "Soviet Army"? Does it? This week, I was in another area of NYC with Cyrillic writing on the stores: Forest Hills. I decided to go into a Russian Market. Much more than just pickled fish! Smoked fish, fresh fish, canned fish, and many Russian products which I could not identify, some that looked good, some that were just puzzling. Why do Russians buy "Sour Grape Juice"? Also, lots of candy and nuts. I bought some almonds but you really could have helped me since the sales girl could not speak English. The area also has a large Jewish population, so here, they overlap. I have heard that the immigrant community here and in Israel includes many Russians who became Jewish because it was easier to leave and resettle that way. Have you heard of this?
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CCCP    RE:CCCP: SVD's, CA , Russian immigrants but no pickled fish this time   5/1/2003 8:44:08 AM
Right: CA is for Soviet Army. As I told you before. That's the most common way: first to get to Israel then to US or Canada. Your choice.
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