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Subject: Current Russian Military
Kalashnikov    4/25/2003 6:19:41 PM
Does anyone know (or have links to) information regarding the size or number of personnel employed by Russia's military today and/or the Soviet Union at around 1975? Any info will be apreciated.
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SGTObvious    RE:Current Russian Military   4/27/2003 6:44:32 PM
Kalash, I have plenty of stuff relevant to years gone by, but nothing within the last decade. Do you want some infor from one of my old and dusty books? Training, equipment, pay scales, It's all here, but old.
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CCCP    RE:Current Russian Military   4/27/2003 9:20:04 PM
Yo, SGTObvious, do you have editioins of "Soviet military Power"? If you do what years are they?
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SGTObvious    RE:Current Russian Military-CCCP   4/28/2003 1:20:30 PM
CCCP, I have better than "Soviet Military Power". I have the whole set of US army manuals describing the soviet army in detail, but only up to (I think) 1982. I have World Military Balance as of 1991. "Soviet Military Power" was in large part CIA/DIA propaganda aimed at justifying the huge military spending boost of the Reagan years. Not that I can complain, as a Reagan years soldier, I benefited directly from this!
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CCCP    RE:Current Russian Military-CCCP   4/28/2003 4:20:32 PM
WOW! I've only Soviet Military Power issue of 1985 and 1989. And you was soldier? If so I was your potential enemy. I mean, I was Soviet soldier. But lets get back to topic: can you tell us some numbers about Soviet army?
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Kalashnikov    RE:Current Russian Military   4/28/2003 4:21:37 PM
Exactly how old is the data? Anything ranging from 1950 onward would be useful. Do you have anything regarding the training and/or a rough estime of Soviet raw military strength or reserve numbers from any of the following dates: 1955, 1962, 1968? Thanks.
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ChrisWI    RE:Current Russian Military   4/28/2003 5:59:39 PM
Kalishnakov, Look on MSNBC's "The New Battlefield", I belive it has something similar to what you are looking for. Chris
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Kalashnikov    RE:Current Russian Military   4/28/2003 6:38:31 PM
Thanks, Chris.
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SGTObvious    RE:Current Russian Military-CCCP   4/29/2003 7:05:57 AM
Give me some time to dig it all out- my old books are in boxes. But I have a lot. I also have the DIA book on China, by the way. It's interesting that you said you were my "potential enemy". I trained at Fort Huachuca, where we spent a lot of time learning about the Soviet army. (do a google search on Fort Huachuca, you might learn some interesting things) I have some soviet insignia and medals. I still use a Soviet Army officer's tab (red, with a star and "CA") as a key chain. We spent so much time studying the Soviet military that some young soldiers would call American units by their Russian names! I remember a friend telling me she had been assigned to a unit in Germany, and she called it a "Motorized Rifle Division" instead of the American term "Mechanized Infantry". So, I know you better than most Americans. I have driven in your tanks (The T-55 is a miserable thing!) fired your weapons (SVD is very nice, the AK-47 has no control at all) and eaten your food. (Borsht, what can I say about it?) I even had a Russian dog, a Borzoi (most beautiful dog in the world!) but that had nothing to do with the Army, that was a personal matter. In the 1980's the US government had been telling us for years that the Russians were our potential enemies, but those of us who actually studied the USSR thought differently. Opposition in peace, yes, enemy in war, no. Russians are too logical, and strategy minded (that is why you have so many chess players). Yes, it's true, CCCP- you Russians may be annoying and obnoxious, but you are also contemplative and thoughtful and brooding. Not the right sort of people to start a war. To have a war in the modern world you need at least one lunatic regime, and neither the USSR nor the USA qualified as lunatic. In the 1980's, we knew that the next real war would be the middle east, home of the lunatic regimes.
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CCCP    RE:Current Russian Military-CCCP   4/29/2003 4:41:10 PM
Do you have SVD at home? I've heard SVD is popular in US as self-defense weapon(Is it true? maybe I'm lying). I can tell you a bit about my knowledge about americans in USSR. We had special subject in junior and high school. On this subject we were covering some "military" and self defense stuff: i.e: where to hide in case of nuclear strike, how to fix AK-47 (by the way you're saying that it has no control at all. I agree with you (I tried M-16 after AK-47, but it was in RED ARMY), but AK is as reliable and as solid as ROCK: you can drop it, ground into , sink it in the water, etc, but it still will shot), etc. No-one was completely washing our brains with american culture, 'cause it would be advertisement of americans (if you know what I'm talking about). After getting a bachelor's of Nuclear science in University of Moscow I worked a bit at Keldysh Research Center, and then MIGHTY party sent me to afghan ( I'd never forget it. That's why I "like" Soviet party), after that my "education" about your country continued. I've driven your M-60 in RED ARMY. After a year in academy I've got to viet...., sorry Afghan. I won't tell you anything pleasant, just say that it was not that mess, but something close to it. After 1 year in Afghan, I continued to work at Keldysh, but only until 1985. After Gorby came to power I scratched away from all of those "parties", to US............ By the way: if you need any Soviet badges, you can go to Moscow, and find whatever you want starting from 1940s and until 1989. Do you know what "CA" stands for at Soviet officer's tab?
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ChrisWI    RE:Current Russian Military-CCCP   6/26/2003 12:32:53 PM
CA just means Russian Army, I belive all ranks have it on shoulder boards. An SVD is a sniper rifle? If an American has one, the ATF would be kicking in his door, assault rifles are illegal here.
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