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Subject: >Russia-victim of china< or >SARS is quite an issue<
CCCP    4/14/2003 9:24:18 PM
I mean, sooner or later it would happen, anyway. So, what's the choice do we have? These chinks are trying to invade Russia without even firing a shot ( I'm talking about expansion to Siberia, even though most of this issue overblown). I suggest that sooner or later Russia will get on the way of 3rd Reich ( During those times Europe was over-populated with jews....well, you know what happened later on) and start the "mass destruction" of chinks. There's already tonns of movements against rice-wipers and the popularity of these kinda movements would rise. On the other hand china has SARS. Maybe, Russia would be lucky enough, and, who knows, rice-wipers would die out by itselves? Any other thoughts? STALIN>BERIA>GULAG:-)
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Aka    RE:>Russia-victim of china< or >SARS is quite an issue<   4/16/2003 6:40:40 PM
i agree eventually chinas population will get even greater and they will start settling in the sibiran areas they might even try to take over russia. I say the best thing to do is keep the chinese in china all other countrys need to block off all exits out of china and let them keep there damn plagues to them selves i mean do all plagues(black death and now sars) come from china and asia or what?
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CCCP    RE:>Russia-victim of china< or >SARS is quite an issue<   4/16/2003 9:12:41 PM
You're right. Unfortunately, china's population living in Russian cities like in its own (It's quite a concern). But we can still hope: friggin' SARS can kill its whole freakin' chinee population (I think countries of the world must delay flights to china, Hong-kong, nah, delay flights to whole south-eastern asia.)
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DrCruel    RE:>Russia-victim of china< or >SARS is quite an issue<   6/29/2003 11:54:03 PM
Send them to the US. We like Chinese people here. Of all our immigrants, they seem to be the smartest and work hardest, and there's virtually no crime in CHinatown. Ship 'em over. We got plenty of room. Thanks.
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