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Subject: Ukraine Cancels Russian Missile Warning Treaty
Softwar    8/13/2008 10:01:29 AM Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko has terminated the agreement on missile warning and space monitoring systems with Russia. The treaty dated back to July 6, 1992. The termination came at Russia's request, as the country is building radar stations on its own territory, which would replace missile warning systems in the CIS. Ukraine's National Space Agency believes the systems in Sevastopol and Mukachyovo could remain in place until 2020, and is now drafting an outline for their future development. Specifically, Sevastopol's missile warning system could be used in the space program, and it will be upgraded to this end. Meanwhile, a number of experts say Russia may fail to complete its radar stations in 2009, and after Ukraine stops providing information, Russia could end up with a gap in its missile defense system.
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