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Subject: RE: Malrait on WWII    11/20/2001 10:49:01 AM
This post is in response to a thread originally begun in the China discussion board. My response has been posted here as this is a more appropriate place for the discussion. The original theme was wheather or not the Soviets were the saviors of Europe in WWII. My response is concerning jimi's post. Jimi, I don't really see where we disagree. You admit yourself that Stalin was only the savior of Europe "until he became as bad as Hitler and occupied the countries he saved." I agree with you that Russia did more damage to the Weremacht than any other nation and caused the bulk of the German casualties throughout the war, I stated that the Russians "made an immense contribution to the Allies cause," and that "Russia bore the brunt of the ground warfare against the Germans." And actually after the British-American invasion of Italy it was largely German troops under the command of Kesselring that fought the Allies. All that I was stating was just what you said yourself, Russia bled the German army to death and did most of the ground fighting. However Stalin is not the savior of Europe because excepting Tito's Yugoslavia, all countries liberated by the Russians essentially became Russian satellites, controlled by the Soviets. Had the US and Britain not invaded France and Italy (which they would have done much sooner had they the necessary logistics) much of western Europe would have likely have come under Soviet influence.
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Ike    WWII- Contribution   11/20/2001 11:12:43 AM
This has to be a draw. Whereas without US help, the best Russia could have hoped for would have been a ceasefire line in the Urals. Then again without Russia, the Germans could have held off the other Allies long enough to develop its jets and rockets to at least bring the war to some kind of stalemate. Today we have the situation where we can do it without Russia, but with it on our side makes a world of difference.
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jimi    RE:WWII- Contribution   11/20/2001 11:55:03 PM
absloutly lke. I'm with you there. And Robert996, i thank you for making your message clearer to me. Now I see we're both on the same side of the arguement. Thankyou.
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