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Subject: Really? Russia wants in on the Anti-Missile tech after success....
RaptorZ    4/7/2007 1:17:18 PM
Russia fights the US tooth and nail on every issue and they want to be a part of this breakthrough Tech? What happened to thier missile that could change trajectory on a whim, that was untrackable? Was that a farce? Furthermore a country that passes on weaponry to China endlessly backs rogue regimes wants to be included in this tech? I say so sorry to Russia, change your track record and maybe we'll consider, but to go and threaten populated areas of Europe is such a Chicom response it just vindicates this project more in my eyes.... ================= Build antimissile shield together: Russian lawmaker Apr 7 02:06 AM US/Eastern View larger image A senior Russian lawmaker called Saturday for Russia to be included in US plans to build a missile defence system in Europe, warning Moscow will otherwise view the antimissile shield as a threat. "Russia has every reason to be interested in close cooperation in creating Eurasian missile-defense systems," Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the State Duma, wrote in an opinion piece in the International Herald Tribune. "And any attempt to build them without Russia (which is not only an interested party but also geographically and technically the most suitable place for an effective antimissile defense) automatically means they are being built against Russia," wrote the lawmaker. Russia has repeatedly criticised the United States' plans to place missile defence equipment in countries that were once part of Moscow's orbit. The United States has asked the Czech Republic to host a radar system and Poland to host interceptor rockets as part of its missile defence plans. Washington insists the anti-missile shield is intended as protection against attacks from "rogue states" such as Iran and points out that the proposed system would be useless against Russia's vast weapons arsenal. Kosachev argued building an antimissile shield without Russia wouldn't be effective and counterproductive as Moscow would view it as a threat. "Our colleagues in Europe should understand this basic principle: Any attempt to build a security system without Russia (still less against it) by definition cannot be comprehensive or effective," he wrote. "Instead of security for Europe's people we will have a new division and new targets on our densely populated Continent," Kosachev noted, echoing warnings by other Russian officials that Moscow would be forced to target the anti-missile shield. On Friday, the lower house of the Russian parliament warned that the antimissile shield risks triggering a new international arms race. "Such decisions, which are useless in terms of preventing potential or imaginary threats from countries of the Middle and Far East, are already bringing about a new split in Europe and unleashing another arms race," read the declaration, which was approved unanimously by deputies in the State Duma
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Nanheyangrouchuan       4/7/2007 6:32:36 PM
It's the Russian way of asking the US to help defend it against Bad China's growing arsenal.  Russia does not have alot of cities and many military bases that would defend Siberia are long known to the PLA 2nd artillery.

Makes me wonder if Russia suspects China might use tactical nukes  on military installations as a first strike to take Siberia.  The tactical strikes would occur with cruise missiles from the Sino-Soviet border so as not to set off Russia's ballastic missile detection grid.  By the time Moscow found about the strikes and the arrival of PLA, Beijing would have warned Moscow that if it shoots nukes at Chinese soil, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Russia's few other high end cities would all disappear.

It's a cry for help, not beligerence.  The US and Isreal should set up a JV with India and Russia so they can do most of the grunt engineering work while we just sit back and say "that doesn't work" and "don't do that" without giving away our sensitive secrets.

India is already working with Isreal regarding the Arrow ABM system.  China would shit a brick and learn humble obedience if Russia got in on it.

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RaptorZ       4/7/2007 8:41:07 PM
How's that space station working out?   Last I heard Russia drags their feet, and several things were behind production b/c of them....this is too important to wait upon.  Plus Russia sides with China on too many things imo...
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Nanheyangrouchuan       4/8/2007 1:49:54 AM

How's that space station working out?   Last I heard Russia drags their feet, and several things were behind production b/c of them....this is too important to wait upon.  Plus Russia sides with China on too many things imo...

Being behind on production is also our fault thanks to the Fred Sanford's orbiting pickup.  Russia has been choosing India over China, just to give you an idea of who they will go with when the choices are at the same level.
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