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Subject: Russia is the bear rising?
McDohl    11/23/2006 12:21:55 PM
What are peoples thoughts about the events in Russia where will the next pressident take this country? Does anybody see Russia as a Superpower again?Why, why not?
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xylene       12/3/2006 8:44:43 AM
Russia has entered a dangerous phase in which rule of law is trumped by political patronage, political figures with personal financial interests run ministries but also state run monopolies, and the Kremlin has taken aggresive action against dissidents overseas. Basically Russia is becoming a terrible corrupt and facist state. Eager to make profits at the expense of nuclear proliferation and eager to aggresively force it's way on others. US and western business interests wish all this is overlooked so they can make profits in cohoots with those murderers, hopefully we will have an administration that stands up to a Kremlim infested with thugs and bullies.
Russia is a ways away from superpower status, but it will only reach that status again with help and cooperation of US and western financial interests. The western corporations and banks that are helping to build up Russia and China should be held responsible for the rouges gallery they are helping to prop up.
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tigertony    X-Man?   12/3/2006 9:43:31 AM
 "Russia is a ways away from superpower status, but it will only reach that status again with help and cooperation of US and western financial interests. The western corporations and banks that are helping to build up Russia and China should be held responsible for the rouges gallery they are helping to prop up."
 I am no fan of Russia{aka USSR}. However a nation with the means to destroy it's enemy completly "Makes them a superpower already!". A nation who can launch a massive 1st strike, and eliminate an enemy "Should be feared,watched,and defended by a strategy of the worse case scenario!". As i am sure the US has been doing for years, ala the Cold War!. I am also quite sure that GW understands this still today, and thus his rush to deploy an ABM!.
 Now you say the US is helping make both CCP and Russia economic jugernauts?. Well now let's just look at that picture from a reality standpoint!.
  CCP trades with the US
  CCP has 200,000,000,000 in surplus revenue made by this trade
  CCP buys up US T-bills,about 3 trillion with interest payed
  CCP needs the US dollar to be strong, or they could be out trillions that "We The People" will owe
  CCP needs Russia to buy up resources to drive it's industry, so they can continue to make those consumer goods that "We The People" buy
  CCP now pisses off "We The People"
 Now "We The People" ban all trade, and close all our ports to those fully loaded CCP cargo ships.
 Now "We The People" default on our debt and 3,000,000,000,000 in T-bill's
 CCP and it's people are now bankrupt,jobless,and penniless to pay Russia for anymore resources. So now Mr Putin has his new missle "But is too broke to lift it off the ground!!!".
  So  Mr X  "Who really has and need's who?"
                                                                    Have A Nice Day!!!
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xylene       12/3/2006 12:05:48 PM
I think we have two different ideas on what is a superpower. Russia does have nukes and tremendous military arsenal, but the military aspect of superpower status is but one aspect.
1) ability to trade with other nations : other nations confident in its banking and financial system.
2) rule of law : other nations confident that commercial and cultural exchange is under solid legal system.
3) government can be trusted : other nations feel it can be trusted to abide by it's agreements, treaties, and alliances.
4) low corruption index
5) soft power / pop culture : cultural influence embraced or accepted by other nations
6) national ideals: what a nation stands for (declaration of Independence / bill of rights)
Russia has the trappings of military power too be considered a formidable rival and may be dominant to many nations, but it's banking and legal system are under control of Kremlim , which also controls state monopolies and there is high corruption. Russian national ideals......a dangerous thing when those ideals are dictated by shadowy ex KGB running the Kremlim.
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Nanheyangrouchuan       12/3/2006 12:46:24 PM
Russia's demographic future prevents them from becoming anything more than they are now, just richer.  I think Russia knows deep down that the "glory days" are gone for good.  Moscow is becoming increasingly worried by the the "colonization" of SE Siberia by Bad China. 

We made the mistake of ignoring Russia after the fall of the USSR gov't, we should give Russia enough room to flex some muscle, they are not the threat and they have plenty of inroads into the Islamic world and they don't have any love of tyrannical imams..

There is one chief bad guy on the planet.

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KlubMarcus       2/27/2007 5:30:55 AM
Russia can't even win the War on Rust. Seriously. Their equipment is in serious need of repair and upgrades in the short term. Their population is plummeting in the long term. That means that Russia is screwed. Russia should petition to the join the USA.
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Russia's Stalin    theory...   4/4/2007 11:20:16 AM
has it ever come to anyones attention that maybe Russia wants to look like an old wounded veteran for its own sakes? maybe it shows everyone else that side of it because it wants to catch everyone else off guard. personaly i think that Russia has had the right idea for a very long time. hell, even back in the cold war. who cares what russia did?! the other powers should have minded their own business. unless the Motherland tried to come onto the U.S.'s shores and take over, america shouldnt have cared! thats americas problem...they worry about other countries to much. they should be looking to their own people and stop worrying about other countries. isolationism should be adopted by the u.s. it would be the smartest policy. and as to Russia. they should also look to their own people. because personaly, it was better in the old days. when russia had a strong leader. and even though he wasnt the best leader in the world, at least he was a leader. i of course mean Stalin. sure he had some problems but hey at least he knew what he was doin'.
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McDohl       4/4/2007 11:42:12 AM
Are you kidding me? You have got to be joking another Stalin Russia's population would be lowered by another 50 million people that would make it lie 90 million people there only.No but serriously the roots of democracy have taked their hold in Russia and things are fine now and will be much better in 2more generations...and as for going back to isolation...i will not even start I mean come on! wow!
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