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Subject: Opposing Force Distinction
Braddock    10/24/2005 6:36:10 PM
The Distinction of the Combat:Opposing Force Distinction By Terrance Jones Enemy/competitor opposing force distinction: Opposing forces that articulate and exemplify their opposition in a diplomatic and military manner must be analyzed and assessed by the strategic premise and diplomatic realities of their existence at the time of their opposition. Example Enemy Opposing Force Distinction-This distinction is given to sworn enemies of a particular nation/state. This enemy works tirelessly to facilitate the demise of their enemy through shrewd acts of a covert and or overt nature in multiple regions across the globe. This type of enemy is willing to risk exponential increases in all standard projections of military and civilian casualties to accomplish their initiatives. This includes asymmetrical warfare and strategic use of terrorist affiliated insurgent groups. Russia is a perfect example of an enemy opposing force that is dedicated to the task of supplanting America as the sole superpower in the world. There are those who would suggest that I am out of line by suggesting that even a nation with as ruthless a history as Russia is capable of facilitating terrorist attacks as a strategy to supplant America’s global dominance. Let’s take a look at my theory and the facts: “Opposing forces that articulate and exemplify their opposition in a diplomatic and military manner must be analyzed and assessed by the strategic premise and diplomatic realities of their existence at the time of their opposition. “ Terrance Jones The analysis suggested in the above quote should lead us to a thorough assessment of today’s political climate that is ripe for war due to the current proliferation age that threatens to reduce Russia to nuclear storage region due to the rise of China and influential nuclear and non nuclear nation/states like North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. The rise of these nations has made the future inclusion of more nations to the society of nations with a nuclear weapons capability highly probable and the risk of regional and all out war inevitable upon any wayward attempts to stop this type of proliferation due to the reciprocal expectation factor that exists because of Russia’s irresponsible actions in regards to aiding nations in their attempts to get around non proliferation laws. These factors have played a major role in the formation of proxy tandem alliances between state sponsors of terrorism and G-8 nations like Russia and China. These cumulative factors have facilitated the following scenarios: 1. Russia is forced to strengthen their proxy tandem alliances with state sponsors of terrorism like Iran in order to expand their strategic influence to diverse region across the globe, as they face the threat of experiencing a dramatic decrease in global standing due to the irresponsible acts that have spiraled out of control and threaten their existence and their strategic initiatives in regards to regaining their past prominence as a global superpower. 2. Russia uses its expanded influence and its strategic relationship with China to facilitate flashpoint intervention factors that will stretch the defenses of America due to the indecisiveness in some European nation’s willingness to support America in matters of diplomacy and war due to propaganda induced popularity issues. Russia and China is hoping European nations will remain unaware of the consequences of this indecisiveness, as Russia’s war strategy does not bode well for the European nation’s hopes for peace. 3. The continuity of a Russian/China alliance will allow them to utilize oversight authority over nuclear nations with a limited means of dispersal capability and non nuclear nations who can be used to stretch the defenses of America and its allies and or launch provocative actions that will facilitate an American commitment in forces, equipment and materials to region specific areas across the globe. *Note- Issue number one proves that Russia is capable of utilizing the terrorist acts of state sponsors of terrorism like Iran and the multiple fundamentalist/insurgent groups they hold a significant influence over in regards to command and control due to the fact that Iran finances the actions of these groups. The fact that Russia would make good on a commitment to share nuclear technology with a state sponsor of terrorism like Iran without demanding that they sever ties with the litany of terrorist groups they have financed for decades suggest that Russia has decided the risk to region specific areas across the globe is worth it. It should also be noted that by making this decision, Russia obtains the right to benefit from these asymmetrical and terrorist capabilities in a strategic and tactical nature at any time they wish. The fact that Russia has solidified this type of relationship suggests that they plan to survive the current age of proliferation with their global standing the same or increased at any
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