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Subject: possible new cold war
gcw1995    6/1/2005 8:12:11 AM
Will there be a new cold war between the U.S. and Russia? Russia seems to have desires to become a superpower once again. Returning to old ways. What can be done about it this time around?
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Yimmy    RE:possible new cold war   6/2/2005 12:20:14 PM
More likely China will take over the role of the "bad guys". However I can not see it errupting into a full blown arms race as was the Cold War, as China is becoming more Capitalist by the year, and has no desire to do America harm as far as I know.
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Godofgamblers    it's too late... it's already started   6/16/2005 10:02:52 PM
like at the end of WWII, the west should have made russia a fully fledged member of NATO, rained aid upon it, helped build a modern financial system for it and treated it like Japan or Germany at the end of WWII. instead, russia has been split up, the US has advanced NATO right up to its doorstep, implanted itself in the 'stans and generally done everything it could to undermine russia as it is seen as a threat. if you see it as a threat, it will be self-fulfilling. and that is exactly what is happening. russia still has excellent human resources, nukes and military experience. it will harnass these and fund them by tapping its massive natural resources and will be a force to reckon with. BIG and very very p*** off...
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mustavaris    RE:it's too late... it's already started   6/17/2005 5:59:57 AM
Couldnt agree more with you GoG. But they have chosen the path of (relative) democracy and are still heading for brighter future. I do believe in Russians and I really hope that they will get the best out of their resources, strong and stable Russia isnt a threat, weak and uncalm is.
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Pseudonym    RE:it's too late... it's already started   6/18/2005 5:24:04 AM
We shoulda sent more money to Russia while we were rebuilding numerous nations and communities? Ok so we should have sent Billions to good old Uncle Joe and given him even more leverage. Are we talking about the same Russia? The one above Europe? The one who was lead by a maniacal Dictator? I'll tell ya what, had we given good old Uncle Joe the money to complete his aspirations, the Warsaw Pact would have encompassed quite a bit more land.
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Godofgamblers    RE:it's too late... PSEUDONYM   6/19/2005 8:52:13 PM
i think you misread my post ... "like at the end of WWII", not "at the end of WWII". what i suggested was that we should have done so at the end of the cold war, of course. doing so at the end of WWII would not have been conceivable then... or now. thx
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Pseudonym    RE:it's too late... PSEUDONYM   6/20/2005 4:51:55 PM
Rained aid into the Russian Mafia Coffers? No thank you...
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:possible new cold war   7/27/2005 12:43:59 PM
Ohhhh dont mess with Americans is the only thing i will remember.Man you Russians will be blown away when F-22 will come streaking down into your city and destroying it.
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UED    RE:possible new cold war   7/28/2005 1:11:43 AM
I was just wondering about Russia's topol-m missiles which have been proven to be capable of penetrating all of America's defenses. I was wondering if the deployment of these missiles would possibly start up the cold war again in the race for more nuclear weapons. Also it is said that Russia's satellite network is very out of date and that if a nuclear attack was launched against Russia that they may not even know about it until they come within range of radar. Also, and I know that this has happened before that Russia has mistakenly identified reflections off clouds to be an ICBM and have literally been within minutes of lauching a counter attack. How dangerous is this to the world and could this be a cause for a new cold war.
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displacedjim    RE:possible new cold war   7/28/2005 2:13:05 PM
"I was wondering if the deployment of these missiles would possibly start up the cold war again in the race for more nuclear weapons." -- UED ---- I'd say not likely, since they're a couple years behind their original deployment schedule and falling further behind every year, and only have something like 40 in silos today. Furthermore, in the meantime the Russians continue to reduce their other ICBM holdings, as for example the 40 SS-18s they took out to make room for the SS-27s. Russia and America are and will continue to maintain/reduce their overall numbers of RVs. Displacedjim
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SonsOfLiberty    RE:possible new cold war   8/17/2005 3:06:28 PM
same as last time....never give in to the intimidation!
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