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Subject: Analyzing Russian Strategy
Braddock    4/6/2005 2:14:51 PM
Analyzing Russian Strategy: Task Facilitation By Sgt. Terrance Jones ARNG/U.S. Navy The war on terrorism and the threat of significant increases in the society of nuclear nations threatens the global interests of America. The possibility of a nation obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities and using them in an irresponsible manner(by threats and aggressive border formations and movements)is extremely high over the next 10-20 years. This type of scenario alone is enough to stretch the global troop deployments of America and its allies in a manner that will facilitate the ascension of some of America’s enemies. This has clearly affected the current and future Russian strategy. Based on the current actions by Russia in several regions, Russian plans to use the war on terrorism and the task of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapon’s exertive effects on America to close the gap between themselves and America. Russia is well aware that the limited nuclear option strategy forced them into an economically diminished state through its cyclical implementation and the costs of deploying troops and materials across the globe in large numbers. The new Russian strategy attempts to challenge/ neutralize the global interests of America in a more precise and strategic manner: Africa- Russia realizes that due to the spread of tribal warlord control of African provinces and the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism that Africa can conceivably be a fundamentalist continent within 20 years. To those who would use conventional wisdom to refute this assessment, take a look at a map of Africa and you will see that over half of Africa is currently tied to Islamic fundamentalist either as a state sponsor or due to its large influence in African nations due to economic and societal factors prevalent in those nations. While America has sent large amounts and economic aid and troops on a minimal basis in regards to troop numerical strength, it is the American troops part of the equation that threatens to send Africa to our enemies, as Russia has made a huge commitment and offer to send troops to Africa in order to facilitate a Russian alternative to American assistance in Africa. Russia also understands that they can use international funding to establish economically advantageous agreements with African nations in regards to military training and agricultural and developmental technological programs in Africa. Russia is attempting to gain the benefits that America would enjoy from Africa in regards to cooperation and alliances buy offering to send the significant amount of troops to Africa that we should be sending and letting us foot the bill for economic aid. Russia is banking on the support of Africa due to the hands on assistance of Russian soldiers which is a pretty safe bet when you realize the type of poverty and genocidal parameters exist across the continent of Africa. This last point will be manipulated to aid Africa just enough to accept Russia as an ally while allowing warlords to retain enough control to facilitate an anti-west environment which could spread across the whole of Africa. This environment still allows the possibility for a more organized and majority controlled fundamentalist African continent that will align itself with Russia and its allies in future endeavors. This type of Russian strategy also ensures that the African nations have governments in place that will not side with America and its allies in matters in which Russia and the African nations dispute due to economic concerns, as these African nations will be in the infancy stages of their developmental economic, military, technological and societal programs. This gives Russia and its allies the ability to facilitate neutrality by these African nations concerning any confrontation between Russia and America. This last factor is also an individual Russian strategy designed to stretch the defenses of America and her allies. This can be proven by the following: Multi- Nation Task Facilitation Strategy Russia has adopted a strategy of aiding nations that have no history of fiscal, economic and societal responsibility in regards to the welfare of its citizens and neighboring nations within its regions. This strategy is designed to exert huge commitments from America and its allies in military forces and budgetary requirements of economic aid packages. This strategy is made extremely more lethal by the incorporation of nuclear weapons technology into this Russian strategy. Here are a couple of examples: Iran- Russia has aided Iran with building a nuclear reactor knowing full well there are peripheral variations in its use that will manifest itself in the development of nuclear weapons technology by Iran. Russia realizes that this puts Iran in a position to control over 2/3 of the Middle East at the onset of their success(if this occurs 24-36 months from now to utilize the 10 new divisions being trained in Ira
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