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Subject: The russian nuclear threat
JCO    8/24/2001 7:34:49 AM
There's always a bloody excuse with you people isn't there? "We can ignore the treaty 'cos the USSR doesn't exist." You can't be the world's policeman just 'cos you're the biggest kid on the block!
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Jay    RE:The russian nuclear threat   8/24/2001 8:06:36 AM
Good sir, I think most Americans don't want us to be the world's policemen. But like anyone we do want to have security within our own borders and not have to worry about our city going up in a nuclear fireball because some third world despot wants to strike a blow against the USA. I don't want to get into a discussion about the legal technicalities of whether or not we should break the ABM treaty. When someone is attempting to break into your house and kill you you cannot worry about whether the gun you have in the closet is properly registered or not. The Russians have no room to complain about anything when it comes to the US trying to protect itself from rogue nuclear weapons. When the cold war ended the Russians did nothing to try and retain their nuclear scientists,many of whom went to work for Assad, Kim Il Jong, Saddam Hussein, and other monster kings of the third world. Add to this their lack of any kind of serious security around some of their nuclear weapons and raw material stockpiles. As usual, the Bolshies have no one to blame but themselves for their misery. If they hadn't laid around sleeping off last night's Stolichnaya while their house fell apart around them the world wouldn't have this problem right now. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying rogue nuclear weapons are the sole fault of the former USSR. The Chinese, with plenty of help from the Clinton administration, have done a good job of stealing, buying, and developing advanced missile technology of their own. Add to this their statements already made threatening Los Angeles and their complete lack of respect for human life, I'd rather trust more than just diplomacy to keep us safe from them. Even in the depths of the cold war I cannot recall either the US or USSR ever making statements that threatened a specific city. It's very easy to imagine General Kash Mai Chek deciding to launchee launchee rocket because he's pissed about what's happening in Taiwan. The Chinese can't even manage their own farmlands, let alone nuclear weapons. One must also bear in mind that the missile shield will exist not only to protect the US, but also other nations such as the UK from nuclear weapons.
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