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Subject: chechen rebels    9/15/2002 11:15:02 AM
We should just give Putin what he wants and get it over with, I'm sure 10 days of massive airstrikes over the Pankisi Gorge will obliterate whatever kind of "terrorist" is there. Then the georgians can go "mop up" what's left. Done deal now let's go kick the crap out Saddam.
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Stalin_1243    ???   5/31/2004 3:51:42 PM
First of all, if we would to do that we would surly be hated by Islamic Radicalists and we would only see daily bombings against america.North Ossestia in Gerogia would strongly oppose ANY missile strikes against Checnya and South Ossestia (favor to Russia) would begin polotical arguements with North Oss. And basically drag the WHOLE region into war.
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