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Subject: Who's really behind those terrorist attacks
Hound_1K    9/3/2004 3:53:50 AM
Informational warfare. Just look in the articles of European newspapers and you'll understand, who's playing a Big Game. Newspapers (e.g. Guardian) simultaneously condemn Russia for not dealing with terrorist (the call them 'rebels' of 'freedom fighters') leaders. Those leaders' representatives have political asylum in various Western countries (US and GB). Just after the terrorist captured the scool, Aslan Maskhadov, their leader, said he is willing to help to release children. He said he's unconcerned in the hostage taking. You see, that's a good-cop-bad cop game. He organizes a terrorist attack, then sais he's innocent and willing to help. He's just a puppet of some western countries, in a game agains Russia.
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