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Subject: NewsMax/Net news: Russians Going Extinct, Turning Asian-Chinese!?    8/12/2002 7:57:53 PM
These articles report that concerns of the Russian gov and Russia-analysts in the decline or proactive population rates for the Russian federation and nearby CIS ethnic Russian communities. IN gen., a survey of death, marriage and emigration rates indicate that Russians are being steadily replaced by persons of Asiatic, especially Chinese, blood lineage.Gorby's problem in the 1980's was with perceived growths in the Moslem community of the then-USSR, a bias which pervaded even throughout the Yelstin and early Putin years. NOw comes an Asiatic-Chinese problem. with a subtle recognition of the PRC's own ever-burgeoning internal growths in population and that nation's need of space. The arts relay authoritative calls for Russian govt recognition of the new domestic "Asian-Chinese" socio-genetic problem, with urging to intensify both Russian govt control, and ult Sino-Russian economic development of Russia's Eastern regions, before Russia itself loses control of its eastern regions!
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