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Subject: Mixed Signals
Phoenix Rising    7/31/2002 1:59:14 PM (And other articles like it.) Hmm. I'm not exactly sure what's up with Russia these days. Putin barely says a word when withdraw from ABM. He offers more cooperation with the war in Afghanistan than many of our European allies. He stays silent when we set up shop in former Soviet republics before we actual go into Afghanistan. He's leaning toward a more balanced approach vis-a-vis Israel. Then, all of a sudden, he comes out with a huge 10-year multi-reactor contract to help Iran become a nuclear power. The party line about the reactors being for "civilian" purposes only is bogus; there will almost inevitably be opportunities for Iran to get its hands on some of the spent fuel, and the nuclear technology is dual-use by its very nature and aiding Iran with it will contribute to Iranian scientists' expertise, which they can then turn towards military pursuits on their own. Why is it in Russia's interests to help Iran become a nuclear-weapon state, anyway? Isn't Russia having a problem with Islamic fundamentalism right now? Isn't that one of the pillars of the new Russo-American working framework? I'm not in any way implying that Putin should or has to cozy up to American interests. However, I'm just not sure I see the clear aim of his policy or a clear, unified strategy for reestablishing Russia's place in world politics, which is clearly Putin's ultimate goal. The man's an ardent Russian nationalist. --Phoenix Rising
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Night Stalker    RE:Mixed Signals   7/31/2002 4:20:51 PM
The issue isn't that the Russians build a reactor. The question is will the reactor work? Putin is on his own side. Russia needs the cash. Blowing up a reactor doesn't cause a melt down either.
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pfd    RE:Mixed Signals   8/1/2002 11:05:45 AM
WAIT-would the style of reactor give off anything that can be used for a nuke? Give me a confirmation on the specific type of reactor and it's capabilities towards creating nuclear weapons.
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Mixed Signals   8/2/2002 7:39:09 AM
The Bushehr reactor will be a light water reactor; spent fuel from this reactor will not be fissile material in itself, but a certain amount of it will be plutonium which can be extracted, and that is most definitely fissile material. Not dirty bomb stuff. Mushroom cloud stuff. --PR
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pfd    RE:Mixed Signals   8/7/2002 10:23:18 AM
sounds tenious (SP)-haven't cosulted the local pros yet. I hope to have a legit reply soon-Been out of town (thank God)
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pfd    RE:Mixed Signals   8/9/2002 4:33:22 AM
OK Looks like the reactor has been there for sometime. It's primary function was bomb magnet during the war with Iraq. It is being reconditioned by the Russians to conform with the original structure. The agreement is that spent fuel rods go back to Russia. If this is so-no plutonium, especially if the rods are used properly and used up. If the Iranians pull a fast one and just pull a few rods after 2000 to 3000 Megawatt days (variable) they have something to extract a form of Plutonium with. After that it is very dicey as to what can be built if anything. Bottom line is tha it's nothing to lose sleep over. I figure Iran needs electricity a lot more than an A-bomb.
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