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Subject: 1917
Okoshka    7/28/2004 3:45:43 AM
Why could the bolsheviks win? Many people say the reason was the German aid. Yes the Germans gave 1 mill. Marks to Lenin. But the Antant gave more aid to the whites. They sent weapons, money even troops to help the half a mill. white army. They say the reds forced people to their army to fight against the whites. If they force me to fight for an idea which I don't like, at the first possible situation I will play MIA and go to fight for my ideas. IMHO the real reason why the reds could win was mostly their opinion about ww1. In ww1 Russia suffered tremendous losses both in soldiers and in civilians. People were tired of the war. The Kerenskij gvmnt said Russia will fight together with their allies against Germany untill the victory. Reds told doesn't matter how but we will finish the war immediately. Many people supported the reds not because they wanted communism, but they wanted quit the ww1. What do you think? (Especially the Russians!)
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jastayme3    RE:1917   10/29/2005 4:57:55 AM
The Reds overcame the other revoulutionary factions because they were better organized and more ruthless. They won the war because their enemies were the first to call on foreign governments. Also because they had interior lines. Also because their enemies were disunited. And it is a little known fact that they were using POWs as mercenaries-the price being a ticket home. Of course they often welched even on that.
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jastayme3    RE:1917   10/29/2005 4:59:57 AM
the first to call on foreign governments. Also because they had ----------------------- openly that is-the commies didn't mind getting help from the Germans to get started with but they made sure the Whites got all the blame
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jastayme3    RE:1917   10/29/2005 5:00:54 AM
also the reds controlled the most heavily industrialized parts if I remember rightly.
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kane    RE:1917 end of ÇANAKKALE SAVAÞI   11/12/2005 6:06:03 AM
ehehhhe because we kicked allies ass guys had bad times after you get you get no support.i remembered our history again. what did europeans said:ÇANAKKALE GEÇÝLMEZ(nobody can pass ÇANAKKALE)
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