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Subject: Does anybody have any news on the PAK-FA and its status ?
vinuatlast    7/24/2004 11:26:01 AM
Hey guys...well i guess my russian friends in this forum would certainly be keeping their ears open for the latest on PAK-FA..does anybody know anything about it...I have always been fascinated by Russian technology..Ofcourse i am an Indian...Is it true that indian government will invest in PAK-FA ??? Let me know...See ya..
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topolm    RE:Does anybody have any news on the PAK-FA and its status ?   7/31/2004 12:30:06 PM
The design structure of the PAK-FA would be shown at the end of 2004. I believe they will continue to develop this aircraft since the engines for this fighter the Lyul'ka-Saturn AL-41F is already developed. However since the PAK-FA is a light fighter the AL-41F is being degraded for lesser thrust. If Russia manages to come up with at least more than ten billion dollars for the avionics, navigation, control, airframe will eventually i believe to be operaional after 2010.
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