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Subject: chinese invading
Ben    5/31/2002 8:57:18 AM
Why are we worried about Chinese invading us, is it that serious?
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Phoenix Rising    RE:chinese invading   5/31/2002 9:13:12 AM
Ben, This is the Russia board ... are you asking about a Chinese invasion of Russia or of America? --PR
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Ben    I don't know, that wasn't me!   5/31/2002 11:15:35 AM
It's such a good name, though, it's no wonder others wish to use it too.
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aifc aka ben    RE:I don't know, that wasn't me!   6/1/2002 1:30:02 AM
its not that i wish to use it, it was given to me i'll go with aifc from no on
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aifc, aka ben    RE:chinese invading   6/1/2002 1:32:50 AM
I was asking about Chinese invading Russia. and yea i kind of knew that that is russian board but thx for telling me:)
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Phoenix Rising    RE:chinese invading   6/5/2002 12:44:35 AM
Sorry aifc/Ben. There's been another Ben around here for a while now, and we've had problems with people taking others' names to post slander and profanity. You asked a reasonable question, though, which seemed out of place for an identity thief, so I kind of guessed that it was an honest mistake. The concept of an actual Chinese invasion of Russia seems farfetched. Escalation scenarios are too easy, and Russia still has a massive nuclear arsenal. Furthermore, China would prefer Russia as a friend at the moment; increasing American-Russian ties are making them nervous, and they'd rather drive a wedge between us than push Moscow even closer to Washington. I see the future in eastern Russia more as a scattering of worsening ethnic conflicts and separatist movements. The population of ethnic Chinese in the area is growing rapidly. However, these groups are just as likely to want to form their own country as they are to want to return to being under the thumb of Beijing. (As Bill O'Reilly pointed out, China has border security everywhere when no one wants to get in; we have the most porous border security in the world and everyone wants to get in.) Russia obviously has a lot of territory to defend; if most of it wasn't uninhabitable wilderness, they'd probably have had to fight many wars to defend a parcel of land that size over the years. Even so, the wealth of natural resources there makes it a tempting target, especially because overcrowding is the last of Russia's worries. Pakistan has the same population on a tiny fraction of the territory that Russia has. China has largely boxed itself into a corner, though. They're surrounded by people who don't particularly like them, to say the least: Japan, the Phillipines, Russia, India, Vietnam. North Korea has turned out to be more of a liability than an ally. The American presence in the region is increasing. Furthermore, domestic unrest and political pressures within China have increased substantially over the last decade. China modernized its communist economic system in the 70's, allowing them to escape the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. However, they are still having trouble making ends meet, and their government is having to falsify a lot of reports to make it seem much more stable than it actually is. Put together, this restricts their freedom of movement when it comes to taking major initiatives abroad; they leave themselves largely unprotected from other sides if they choose to do so, and other countries in the area would have to think long and hard before they stood quietly by and watched China gobble up the vast amount of strategic resources available in eastern Russia. --Phoenix Rising
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pfd    RE:chinese invading   6/14/2002 5:47:17 PM
I agree. China would be foolish to go on a foriegn adventure when the real show is internal. When the reds embrace organized crime as the harbinger of prosperity then you know they have the bed. Their aquisitions of military appliances are merely a showcase to hedge off future maybees. Sure, the West gives them the Capital to expand, but the minute they step out of bounds-their markets collapse. Then -what to they tell the folks who have abandonded the farm to make trinkets? I still smell revolution there. The idealists over there must be simmering and waiting for the fuze.
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pfd    RE:chinese invading   6/14/2002 5:49:34 PM
...there must be a censorship screen here-my post was truncated. Sorry if it sounds odd...
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pfd    lynchpin   6/23/2002 12:05:57 AM
Russia is the core of reality in a third handed way! The geo-embarrasments of the new age is being generated here yet everyone is focusing on the noise sectors,,,, Like a cheap video game-China-Russia-USA. Let's grab some focus and consensus on wants,means and ideals here. Think of it---Afghanistan was and will remain a side show. Pakistan is where Broadway began. India may nuke 'em but what will the really big wallas do? Russia and China? What are their cards and intentions? this is the stuff of expectation and scenario generation! LET US ALL LIVE LARGE and have crow for ice cream. I demand some cleverness here,,,,,,let this sector be the strobe light! Don't be afraid to fall. The Goverment does it 24/7 and IS afraid. The high dive awaits- Care to step out?
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DrCruel    ???   6/26/2003 2:07:51 PM
What a joke. China couldn't even beat Vietnam. They're busy right now trying to absorb Nepal, so far without success. Invade Russia? This isn't the Red Army, true, but the Russians would butcher the Chinese like pigs just the same. No way this is serious.
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Yamauchi    RE:???   8/3/2003 12:00:45 AM
If and when China decides to undertake the task of expanding their influence greatly in Asia they'll attack Taiwan. The outcome of this is debatable as the US has recently undertaken a campaign to greatly bolster their forces in the Pacific. Regardless of the outcome, they'll be facing a huge international embargo and the CPC's plan is to invade Siberia for oil.
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