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Subject: Who are Russia's greatest allies that it can count on ?
vinuatlast    6/16/2004 3:16:04 AM
1.India 2.India 3.India Thats it..but an Indo-Russian collaboration is a force to recon with. Consider the manpower ,logistics and artillery of India combined with russian missiles and sophisticated technology and intelligence, No power can dislodge such an coallition. Indians and Russians in coming years would certainly dictate terms to the world...
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ilpars    RE:Who are Russia's greatest allies that it can count on ?   6/16/2004 4:54:39 AM
India is the driving force of international Independents movement. So India is politically against all alliances. Having a common enemy (in Pakistan) is not enough for an alliance.
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roadcop    RE:Who are Russia's greatest allies that it can count on ?   6/17/2004 1:01:15 AM
"India is politically against all alliances" - So, Indian Navy takes part in combined wargames with Russian Warships and Long-Range Bombers only because of friendship ;-) And certainly Russia usually gives Nuclear Subs (for rent) to anyone in the world who asks for it.
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Kadett    The United States   6/28/2004 2:07:16 AM
Believe it or not, the US will help Russia, militarily if need be, should Russia need assistance. Even during the Cold War we sent Russia food to help feed their people..
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Thomas    RE: pleeeez   6/28/2004 11:21:11 AM
Does Russia need allies???? As long as Russia stays civilised (streaching definitions a bit here), nobody wants Russia's problems.
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Desert Fox    Russian Alliances ?   6/29/2004 4:57:45 AM
Russia is India;s ally as they provide them with alot of nuclear technologys and other technology. BY the way US is the biggest hypocrite the world has ever seen they are responsible for themselves sended food aid . They used propaganda against Commnism when unloike teh dam US they helped there Satelite nations where the US and other European countries robbed alll there colonies dry to make the homeland better. UK, France, Spain US, Belgium and Portugal robbed Africa of its future and the crwon jewels are from asian countries. Iwould like to say that any nation not classed was the west would back Russia as out of all they helped all alligned with them at the time and now unlike the hypocrite in the EU and US
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Kadett    What US colonies?   6/29/2004 4:03:02 PM
Seriously, what US colonies? While Puerto Rico and the Phillipines are often pointed to as colonies, neither of them fit the role of colony. And the only involvement the United States had in Africa was to set up the state of Liberia, which we then left alone. As for the West being evil while Russia was good because it helped out all those aligned with it: The United States not only helped out its allies, it helped the starving people of its archrival by sending food..
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sentinel28a    RE:Russian Alliances ?   6/30/2004 1:36:57 AM
And we all know how wonderful the Soviet Union was as an ally. So those invasions of Hungary and Czechslovakia were just really big goodwill tours, eh, Desert Fox? I don't know how to say "troll" in Russian...
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roadcop    To sentinel28a   7/2/2004 2:58:39 AM
To Sentinel28a - troll in Russian is "troll'".
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elcid    USA   7/2/2004 5:34:57 AM
In the long run, the best ally for Russia is the USA. They are natural allies, and they have a potential problem in common: China. Any time China gets aggressive north, Russia can turn to the USA for help, and we will probably decide to provide it. Appeasing aggression is not wise, and why fight China alone one day when we have the option to fight them with a great ally?
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Alexis    Allies depend on the situation ...   7/2/2004 10:30:24 AM
One has to define for which situation could Russia have this or that ally. If we're speaking about "normal" peacetime, then Russian interests are generally closer to those of France and Germany. Just look the Russian trade with the EU compared with Russian trade with other regions of the world. Also the positions on international politics are often close. Russian links with India are also real, though economically far less significant. If we're speaking about wartime, then excluding the possibility that Russia would attack another country unprovoked, one has to wonder who could attack Russia ? - Islamist fanatics. Well Russia is coping with this danger basically on her own. Other countries have learnt not to speak too much about Chechnya, but this is about all that Russia will get regarding that problem, though sharing information about terrorist networks is certainly already being done. - China. Objectives being the Russian Far East of course. Well this can only be a long term risk, but I would say America, Japan and India would wish for Chinese invaders to be thwarted, out of fear that Chinese power may grow too much following a victory. Whether those countries would be prepared to send forces to defend Russia is however ANOTHER MATTER entirely ... - America. Well this might have already happened in the shadows during the 1990s through American support for Islamist insurgents in Russian-supported Tadjikistan and in Chechnya ... but those days are over, a guy named Osama has taken care of that. About American agression against Russia in Europe, I really cannot see it. In such a situation German and French "good wishes" for Russia are a given, just as American, Indian and Japanese wishes would be in case of Chinese agression, but I cannot see West European troops helping Russia's defense against the USA ...
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