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Subject: what if ?????
tank    6/8/2004 3:36:38 PM
I pose the question what if Hitler and stalin had put aside their differences and ideologies to join in a pact including italy,japan. How would the allies have been able to overcome the mighty axis?Maybe the u.s. getting the bomb first or other smaller countries joining in for fear of occupation and destruction. THE axis would have been so powerful almost unstoppable to me.Does anyone have theories or ideas of what might have happened. I would think after the defeat of europe A mass invasion of the u.s.could have taken place with a combination of german,russian and japanese troops.THE u.s. was very worried after pearl harbor of a japanese invasion alone. the morale of the country would already be low from the losses in europe.This sanerio would have been likely and devastating to the free world..
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Backfirecb    RE:what if ?????   6/8/2004 6:46:22 PM
Combine a German "88" with a T-34, and have +50000, wow that is pritty much unstopable(tank wise) well it wouldn't of worked, and I think we are all thankful it didn't, even if Germany had to fight the west alone, and not worry about the Eastern front D-Day might of just got pushed to the shores of Dover.
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Final Historian    RE:what if ?????   6/8/2004 8:53:11 PM
If the Russians and Germans had worked together than the end result would have been the nuclear annhilation of many major European and Asian cities.
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roadcop    RE:what if ?????   6/9/2004 7:10:25 AM
Read Robert Harris' "Fatherland". There is an interesting description of alternative 1960s. USSR was defeated by Germans in 1941-1942, and Japan was defeated by US. So there are two superpowers - Germany and USA, both has nukes and ICBMs.
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ilpars    RE:Fatherland, film    6/9/2004 8:12:26 AM
There was a film made the novel "Fatherland" Something like "Hitler lives", I am not sure. Can you remember the name of the film? I have watched the film but not read the book. In the film in an alternate world in which Germany won the WW2 and Hitler still lives in 1960. An ex-submariner police officer is investigating a murder case. It leads him to the unknown horror, the Jewish genocide. It is a beatiful film
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tank    RE:what if ?????   6/9/2004 1:42:40 PM
That flick does not sound very beautiful to me!! Was it an american film??
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Final Historian    RE:what if ?????   6/9/2004 2:16:28 PM
I think that it was British, actually.
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chemist    RE:Fatherland, film    6/9/2004 3:19:54 PM
The version I saw had Nick Nolte in it. IT is in some sense a Holocaust parable. It was an HBO production I thought..
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Warhammer    RE:what if ?????   6/10/2004 1:33:22 AM
Well, I don't think an alliance between Japan, Russia, Germany, and Italy could worked. They might have crushed all european, asian, and african resistance but, nations like that have something working against them. They have this instinct to distrust other nations, especially others like themselves. They would have secured their power base, and then fought amongst themselves before they would commit forces to try and take north america. If they had even attempted it, it would have failed. Germany thinks that Russia isn't working hard enough with the american invasion, and that Russia is working behind Germany's back, so Germany ends up fighting with Russia anyway. And then there is always Japan to worry about. Only one nation can conquer the world, and there were too many egoes back then for any real cooperation to work between the axis. I think if those 4 had worked together fully that the world would be a nuclear wasteland by now.
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Okoshka    RE:what if ?????   6/10/2004 6:17:49 AM
"If the Russians and Germans had worked together than the end result would have been the nuclear annhilation of many major European and Asian cities." I'm not sure US would have had time to develop nukes. Only disagreement amongst them could have stopped them.I think.
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roadcop    RE:what if ?????   6/10/2004 8:16:30 AM
In such case (absolutely fictional) Germany would have enough time to develope nukes herself, and US would face nuclear retaliation from Germany (by V-3 ICBMs). Ooops, thats what happened in "Fatherland" book.
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