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Subject: Communism in Russia?
Stalin_1243    5/31/2004 4:33:07 PM
500,000 people in Russia say they are communists, most of them young.If Communism were to take over the fallen Russia, what soon would happen to the world?
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Backfirecb    RE:Communism in Russia?   5/31/2004 7:51:01 PM
it will create a stir, I think CIS countires and former USSR countries would wet their pants, there will be ecomonic issues but if there were elected into power, I'm sure it shouldn't casue a world wide worry, of course thats if Russia decides to keep to itself and not expand outward
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FJV    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/1/2004 12:25:31 PM
The resulting civil war would devastate Russia. Also the Chinese might be encouraged by a weakened and civil war torn Russia to invade Siberia and take their chances.
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Backfirecb    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/1/2004 4:40:02 PM
Then the Russians will forget their civil war and give the Chinese hell
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Final Historian    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/1/2004 5:00:39 PM
Perhaps, but Russia might already be a hell from the fighting.
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sentinel28a    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/2/2004 5:22:56 PM
I think after 80 years of hell, the Russians would have given up on Marxism-Leninism.
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OplotMira    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/3/2004 7:40:13 PM
Well, after 10 years of neo-liberalist hell, some people say: "Hey, wasn't the soviet hell a hell'a lot better really?" Jokes aside, communist return to power in today's Russia in its Soviet form is impossible. The world has changed to much. Sincerely OplotMira
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roadcop    RE:Communism in Russia?   6/7/2004 1:09:24 AM
Lets discuss possibility of civil war in US or Great Britain. Listen to OplotMira, he is right because he knows real siruation. And life was far more better during Soviet rule, really. But no one wants to return in the past (only small and declining number of people).
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Kadett    RE:im stalin 1243   6/28/2004 2:22:22 AM
>Was it really hell. Everyone had a home a job and free health care,< And absolutely nothing else.
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Kadett    RE: Kadet   6/28/2004 4:11:41 PM
And consumer goods and a voice in their government.
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Desert Fox    RE: Kadet   6/29/2004 4:49:56 AM
Ok firstly if a civil was to occur in Russia , China would not invade they would assist Russian government forces, China is not a imperialist or a oppurtunist. The Chinese are more concerned with Taiwan and US support for them. Secondly Communism would not really be a big event except worry the former Soviet satellites and the US. It would also help Russian people and then tehy could adopt Chinese approach econmically and ease there way to a capitalist or market system like China and make Russia prosperese. Russians are unified in most respect so no civil war would start unless foreigners intervened and started a insurgenecy
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