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Subject: Clips About RUssian Crimes in chechnya
LOM_AZ    5/7/2004 8:02:13 PM To be honest I couldn't believe there is such humans who can do this!!! I cant believe those barbaric still exist !!! Russia army must be shut down, with their bloody-governments. Russians, you sing by the humanity name, while you are not humans Russians, I still wonder!! Russians, If I was there, where you made these murders, I would Do more more than what Chechens have done. You used to live at "Stalin's" school; He succeeded to create a sick and barbaric community. Enjoy with your Governments Shame
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happyman77    RE:Clips About RUssian Crimes in chechnya    5/7/2004 8:34:23 PM
Haven't you heard, some U.S. soldiers abused some Iraqis and the world is a worked up into a purple snit. Every other nation now gets a free pass to torture and abuse.
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