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Subject: Russia Terrorists
LOM_AZ    5/7/2004 7:47:21 PM
Suliman alleck , a Chechen Imam of the ismlic religion, was kidnapped in November 1998. This happened in the centre of "Argon" near the "Ghoit" Pedagogical University where he taught Islamic religion. The price for his life was set by the Russians at 2 million dollars. Suliman`s colleagues in Chechnya received this videotape. "Suliman alleck" is still being held hostage. Painted The kidnappers are filming the torture of their victims. Videotape shows beating, cutting off fingers and ears without anaesthetizing. Videocassettes are then sent to hostages' relatives, friends and colleagues to exert psychological pressure on them in order to speed up the payment of a ransom. "Marina" and "Johan Anton" are representatives of the United Kingdom Humanitarian Fund. In the summer of 1997 they were kidnapped in Moscow. They had been held hostage for 14 months. Johan was regularly beaten and taken for mock shootings. Marrina was repeatedly raped. The bandits demanded 2 million dollars for their release. The Russians make the hostages smile. The victims are smiling. johan's arm is wrapped up with a rag to imitate the absence of a hand. In this manner the criminals demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions. The hostages are pleading to pay the ransom So When the Russian terrorists are presented as ‘fighters for freedom of Russia’ I can’t but smile ironically. Actually they don’t want to live in Russia. Russian terrorists need Chechnya … at war with impoverished and unhappy locals. They need Chechnya as a training field for young terrorists "armies" due to take hostages in Chechnya, Ingushia, Georgia, Dagestan Copenhagen and God knows where else. Their aim is to attract attention of the world public, to acquire the abovementioned status, to settle and act in Europe, in Asia, in America. And presently we can see this evil plan at work. Russia business offices, information centers, missions of all sorts are mushrooming in the world. Actually they are underground terrorists cells, which are part of the global terrorist net. And this net in its turn has already deeply penetrated official structures in Moscow, Dagestan, Abkhazia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark… Russia terrorists seem to be aware of their strength. They demonstrated it in Chechnya, when they tried to press Chechen authorities. They are demonstrating it now in Copenhagen, where Putin is openly threatening Chechen leaders with possible subversive activities on the Chechen people. ARE WE BLIND? TERRORISTS ARE BUILDIND A NEW WORLD ORDER! HERE AND NOW! WE MUST ACT! RUSSIAN CENTRES MUST BE CLOSED EVERYWHERE!
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