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Subject: Shrinking Russia?
Okoshka    5/6/2004 11:41:29 AM
The population of the Russian Nation is decreasing. Great portions of them is living in the surrounding countries. In those countries the birthrate of non russians is very high. Inside of R. too there are great non R. ethnic groups with far higher birthrate then the Russians. On the Far East as I heard there is a significant Chinese immigration. In more and more territories of the country are the Russians becoming minorities or losing from their weight. Don't you think there is a possibility of a shrinking of the Russian nation or even a shrinking Russia?
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Final Historian    RE:Shrinking Russia?   5/6/2004 3:50:02 PM
Russia, unless it can reverse negative trends like birthrate and immigration/emmigration, will cease to be major power in a few decades, if even that. I have seen statistics that 1 million Russians have Aids. A significant number. Especially with such a low birthrate. The threat Russia faces now is as great as that it faced during WW2 from the Nazis.
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