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Subject: Pumping Chinese into Siberia!!?
Ferro    5/21/2002 12:25:01 AM
China has been pumping its extra population into Siberia. These Chinese will claim for Russian Citizenship in a few years time. At that moment, the mafia controlled Regime in Kremlin will understand the true impact of Yeltsin Revolution. Regards..........Ferro........
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Elbaneedo    RE:Pumping Chinese into Siberia!!? To what end?   5/21/2002 8:10:11 AM
Do you feel this is likely? What I believe you are inferring is that the chinese will continue to push enough ‘settlers’ into Russian territory to the point where they outnumber the Russian (Siberian) populace and then, after claiming citizenship…. What? The chinese come blasting across the border to ‘save’ the sino-siberian populous from trumped up human rights violations perpetrated by the Russian government? Or do they form their own ‘state’ and then ask to become a part of china? I’m not trying to be rude here Ferro, you are stating something – I’m just not sure what point you are trying to make. Please expound. E.
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Ferro    RE:Pumping Chinese into Siberia!!? To what end?   5/21/2002 9:23:14 PM
The chinese are very much nationalistic peoples. Xenophobic I mean. So they will claim Siberia under Chinese Rule sooner or later. Also the same with Korean in the FAr east. Putin's Russia cannot hold 1/6 of Globe much longer. They dont have the economic clout to support that. Even the Russians in Vladivostok want separation from russia itself, not to speak of koreans or chinese. Regards........Ferro.......
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Matt    RE:Pumping Chinese into Siberia!!? I see what he means   5/25/2002 1:43:59 PM
Russia has had a continuing negative growth rate in population while China is sharply the opposite. Since people eventually get overcrowded and move out it would seem more likely to eventually move out. The only problem with this is that Russia still has some major military advances over China. Also is that eventually it looks like the Chinese economy and population growth will slow down and Russias economy will go back up...
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bob    RE:Pumping Chinese into Siberia!!?   5/25/2002 2:31:51 PM
Ok, yeah, the Russians have a negative population growth right now, but then again, they're starting to figure out this whole "captialism" thing, standards of living are on the way up, and with the development of the worlds largest oil reserves outside the middle east...more jobs are available to prevent immigration OUT of the country. On the other hand, the Russians will welcome a new Czar before they go bolshevik again. As for Chinese in Russia...Russia IS and will continue to be a more highly developed nation, with a higher regard for human rights (there's a sad commentary)...I think the Chinese will be suprised if they invade...aside from the fact they'll find a Japan suddenly re-enamoured with militarism (Bushido isn't buried too deep with the Japanese), they'll find a bunch of second generation Chinese willing to fight them to teh death
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