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Subject: JUst something to throw out...
Green Dragon    4/4/2004 8:58:56 PM
At one time Libya’s dictator Mohammar Qadaffi wanted to field his own “peacekeeping force” (run by him) throughout sub-Saharan Africa. That design has faded. One source quoted the newly cooperative Qadaffi as congratulating the AU for forming the the ASF, and then adding that no African nation needs Weapons of Mass Destruction. Libya just gave up 20 tons of mustard gas. (Austin Bay) What I would pay a lot of money to know is, why the massive change of heart?, this guy's almost sounding 'warm and fuzzy' these days. Is the Iraq invasion the only reason? I find that hard to swallow. The other thing I would dearly like to know is why we have a Peace Time Operations board and a Peacetime Operations board, could someone please explain to me the difference?.
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Carl D.    RE:JUst something to throw out...   4/20/2004 2:45:05 PM
I recall that a big part of it involved the seizure or inspection of a Lybian bound freighter with WMD related materials and equipment. So Qadaffi was really put in a double bind.
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Schackleford    Gaddafi's son had something to do with it   6/4/2005 11:54:46 AM
I remember reading about Gaddafi's son. He is somewhat Western educated, has a neat western hair cut, a fancy suit and good manners. He wants to sell oil to the West in exchange for hard cash that Libya really needs. The Old Man Gaddafi is stepping into the background and most people are expecting a generation change. That being said, Gaddafi must be scared less by all the Reagan era Hawks running the White House. They still a grudge with him for challenging them back during the Cold War.
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blacksmith    RE:Gaddafi's son had something to do with it   6/4/2005 12:29:06 PM
Prior to the raid in '86, Qadaffi was in the news EVERY DAY. He was where Saddam was a few years later. He was saber rattling, sending out terrorists to the far corners of the world, challenging the US Navy to not sail in His Mediterranean Sea. Q was not a religious radical. Quite the contrary. He was secular like the Baathist socialists. He didn't see dying for the cause as a way to heaven. Like many political terrorists, he stomped and strutted around thinking the West was too weak and spineless to attack him on his own turf. He thought he was untouchable. He thought wrong. Q was at home when the US came knocking. He was camping out on the grounds of his compound doing the traditional Beduin thing when we blew his palace apart. This was way too close for him. The thing I noticed almost immediately was that Q disappeared from the news. I don't think I saw him as a major headliner for something like 10 years after the raid. He discovered that he was not untouchable and he didn't like it. He still tried to quietly foment trouble. But everything he did for 17 years just tightened the screws down tighter. The invasion of Iraq was not the only cause for him changing his spots. It was the last straw. He is an old man thinking about his legacy. And his legacy right now is a bankrupt country with its military and economy in shambles. If his intent is to turn over power to his son, then he will turn over ashes. The Conversion of Muamar Qaddafi (sp) may make interesting reading some day.
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ret13f    RE:JUst something to throw out...   6/4/2005 12:53:52 PM
interesting reading here:
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Kevin Pork       10/11/2006 8:37:40 PM
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