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Subject: Scorpene Goes Kilo
SYSOP    5/23/2022 5:54:28 AM
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vijayshimla       5/28/2022 7:23:22 AM
Indian defence procurement is changing, under able guidance of Narendra Modi..And self reliance is best weapon. A big country of 1.4 billion can not stay dependant on Russia, USA, of anybody else for 7 decades. Surely by 2025, India will join ranks of first 10 nations in weapon design, and manufacture.
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Docduracoat       6/4/2022 10:40:26 AM
To Vijay, You are engaged in wishful thinking. Just as Trump discovered in America, entrenched bureaucracies are almost impossible to change. India would be well advised to buy all its weapons from abroad. That will indeed make it reliant on its western partners, but it will at least be able to match the only enemy..Pakistan Maybe even have superior weapons. Current attempt to build in India will continue to provide substandard weapons at increased cost. And keep the Indians inferior to the Pakis in weaponry
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