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Greece and Bulgaria Discussion Board
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Subject: Greece against Bulgaria
azbuka    9/23/2005 10:07:46 PM
Bulgaria always wins. We never been defited in the batlefield. Great greece existed 200 years ago. antient greeks have nothing to do with the current unhabitants of the greek land.
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Patriotis    RE:Greece against Bulgaria   11/24/2005 6:32:53 AM
As i can see you know a lot about bulgarian and Greek history. :-~ So let me remind you some basic stuff. 1st -About the Great Greece(200 years ago) GREECE 200 years ago was under turkish rule.we were under turkish rule for 400 years after the fall of Konstantinoupoli(Instabul-if you prefer)The Greek revolution against the turks began in 1821 and a part of Greece became independant in 1829.So you are very wrong 2nd and more important- About the thing you said that bulgary was never defeated. The only time that you wan a significant war was during the 1st balcanic war when bulgary - Serbia and Greece became allies in order to liberate and capture the lands which were under turkish control(Ypiros-Thrace-Macedonia).In the 2nd balcanic war bulgaria became very greedy and hostile.So Serbia and Greece formed an Alliance in order to annihilate your future plans.The 1st country that attacked was Bulgary(In 2 fronts.Greek and Serbic).Both greek and serbic defences were succesful and almost immideatly The greek and the Serbian army began their offence in addition to that Turks found the oportunity to capture andrianoupoli(a city that bulgary had captured during 1st balcanic war)and that wasnt enough,Rumania aslo attacked you from the north due to that your troops were busy in the south with the greeks and serbians.(Rumanian troops managed to reach near Sofia).So guess what,Bulgary was the big looser. When the war stoped you had lost almost all the area that you had captured during the 1st balcanic war That's a sample-shall i continue? I can say a lot about bulgary during tha WW1 AND WW2. I am talking with facts ,you should be more careful about the things you post next time. I am waiting for your reply for the things that i said. Keep dreaming the Great Bulgary of st. stefan's treaty(If you know what saint Stefan's treaty is)
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