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Subject: Danish generals promotion advanced.
Thomas    11/22/2011 7:50:48 AM
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Thomas    Change of command   11/22/2011 8:07:44 AM
One thing is, that the present Chief of the Military Committee is to be temporary secretary of defence in Italy, but more indications are there. This could have been posted under NATO as well.
General Bartels is known as a no-nonsense hachet-swinger. 
Denmark having both the Chief of the Military Committee and the Secretary General could be an indication of a techtonich movement in the structure.
- Denmark has in the last 20 years completely rehashed its navy.
- Consistently build up capability to a higher organisatorial level.
a) Now operates with fleets (albeit small).
b) The armys international operations has build up from padding of international forces to steadily higher levels of command and accepting new NATO countries as padding to Denmarks contributions.
c) The air force has steadily gotten closer to the real action. In Kosovo, the air force was covering the back of the others bombing in ex-Yugoslavia - in Libya they dropped real bombs -and many of them.
d) Provided air defence on Iceland and in the Baltic - taking turns with other European nations.
- Two focal points
a) The Baltic Sea
b) The Arctic.
Both areas where the other Nato navies have less competence and experience.
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