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Subject: Is it time for a new military uniform?
Schackleford    6/6/2007 7:32:08 AM
Wow, I must admit that I haven't checked in to "our" board in some time. But I am impressed by how little I have missed. Military matters don't fill much in the news coverage these days. But anyways, I have a question for debate: seeing that we have NATO countries working on next-gen camouflage patterns (CADPAT; MARPAT, ARPAT etc.) I was wondering if it isn't time for the Royal Danish Military to look into something similar. The current uniform is, with minor improvements along the way, pushing 25 years of service. There must have been some meaningful technological improvements in the meantime. Not only could we provide our soldiers with superior concealment, but we could also look into superior fabrics and manufacturing techniques. If you look at the American ACU, there were a lot of other changes made then the pattern. Buttons and zippers were removed in favor of velcro. Pockets were moved and aligned differently to allow the use of the pockets while wearing bodyarmor. A new kind of fabric was used in order to allow soldiers to forget about ironing their uniforms. They added a new kind of boots, that doesn't require polishing (how I wished that we had had such a thing when I was serving!!!) They even managed to reduce the total cost of the uniform. Couldn't the Royal Danish Military do something similar?
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