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Subject: Denmark - Sweden Euro 2008 Q
addo    5/31/2007 6:14:13 AM
How bout it Thomas? Who's winning this one?
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addo       6/4/2007 4:52:22 AM
Well... that was a strange game to say the least..
Whats the feeling in Denmark after this scandal?
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Schackleford       6/6/2007 7:06:10 AM
My immidiate feeling was that the Danish player overreacted big time. I couldn't really care less about how "provoked" he felt, such stupidity is completely unacceptable.
As for the drunken idiot running into the field assaulting the referee, he should be put in jail, untill the state has revoked his citizenship and deported him back to Sweden (where he actually lives with his Swedish girlfriend. Coincidence?)
As for the referee, he might have been a little too over-cautious.
There was only about 1 minute or something left of the game. Would it really have hurt to finish the game?

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Thomas4       12/17/2007 11:24:51 AM
We win by default and lose by default.
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