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Subject: USS WASP visits Copenhagen 20 OCT - 25 OCT 2006
Thomas    10/21/2006 3:07:50 PM
I got as close as I could, but she was quite unapprochable Nordhavnen is the old area for undeclared goods for reexport, so it is fenced off quite widely. Furthermore Photographing is prohibited in the area, so I had to stand back in a neutral zone. I'm sorry the pictures aren't better 2 Sea stallions on the deck and one Harrier. Considering the routine nature of the visit - according to the embassy - Wasp is extreemly coy with police patrolling the route to and fro in cars and on motorbike. Terrorist precaution - You can say that again; but flying B is a more direct way of saying: "Piss off"! If you want to be discreet, thee are more suttle ways than making a port call smack into the middle of a major city with an aircraft carrier - I wonder what is behind this,... Having an international callsign like WASP - as a vanityplate, that is an ego that is great - even for a tub her size.
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Thomas    Presenting the bashfull aircraft carrier!   10/21/2006 3:13:06 PM
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