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Subject: Scandal in Sweden
Thomas    10/1/2006 9:15:38 PM
From my monitoring of potentially hostile communication (Swedish TV 4) this evening: The highest operational commander (also commading Swedish forces in Afghanistan) of the Swedish Defence was arrested last and convicted to 3 months in jail for beating his wife. While generally not a nice thing to do - what did you expect?? It wasn't his extensive collection of strange pornography either (though some animal rights fanatics and sanitation board might beg to differ). It was a library of copies of the most classified material found in his flat - and summercabin. The remarkable part is that the TV-station got hold of tapes ffrom the policeinterview and at least a partial list of papers in his private possession, that should never have left his office. Most places that would have landed the journalist in the brick - so it must have been leaked. Another reason for avoiding cooperation with Sweden like the plague.
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Thomas    Another scandal   10/21/2006 4:10:12 PM
The  new Sedish foreign secretary Carl Bildt (Yes he was prime minister - that did not go to well either) has been found out:
He has stockoptions in the russian company GASPROM - which side will he choose in the negotiaons with russia - about oil deliveries?? You all know my reservations about Swedes - and they bear them out: What Carl Bildt has on his forehead is not wrinkels - it is the supermarket bar code.
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Thomas       11/2/2006 6:11:49 AM
Now the Yanks have found out that Bildt is a scoundrel. Having shares in a sudanese oil company or somethng - I really don't what - Sweden is to be cut orff.
Bildt must in one way or another have stepped mightily on USA's toes - the real reason in these personal critique cases is rarely given. Pinochet wasn't accused of personally profiteering from concentration camps f.i.
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