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Subject: The Immorality of the Danish Cartoons
Borgia     9/3/2006 6:44:12 PM
What do you all think of the Danish cartoons and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? I think this was in very bad taste. In a democratic society, one should have the freedom to insult people, their ideas and even their culture. But one must draw the line at insulting a religion or the head Prophet of that religion. This is what civilization is all about. As an example barbaric Muslim terrorists behead innocent Americans all the time and plant bombs on American and British planes to kill women and small children in the name of Islam. This gives the Americans the automatic right to nuke, fry and vaporize all muslim countries immediately so that all of them will go to heaven and enjoy good times with 72 virgins with facial hair (I know what the Muslim women terrorists who are vaporized will do...if only I could get some videos with the dead sob zarqawi narrating the female to female religious trysts in their version of heaven). While the US can and should nuke, destroy and make a wasteland that glows translucent red and green at night, of Muslim terrorists and their muslim homelands, at no time should America insult or minimize the religion of Islam that all Muslim terrorists so revere and proselytize. Maintaining religious sanctity while vaporizing all Muslim Terrorist lands is the gist of this message. Any thoughts?
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Thomas    Freedom of Speach   9/3/2006 8:06:19 PM
There is no line to be drawn for religion!
We've had blasphemy paragraphs in our legislation for centuries - never worked.
In fact: The protestant God cannot be insulted by mere humans.
While I'm not thinking it serves any purpose to insult - just to insult, sensibilities cannot be invoked. Next corrupt leaders might be called holy - they have tried that one.
The riots whipped up by governments and groups over mere cartoons only show the total of building a state on a religious belief.
The rest of your submission I don't understand.
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Schackleford       9/4/2006 4:43:09 AM
Muhammad was a high-way robber with delusions of grandeur. When he wasn't busy raiding caravans, slaughtering innocents for the fun of it, he was back home dressing himself in fancy clothes, wearing expensive clothes and perfumes. He even started coloring his hair with coal when he grew older.
He was also a gangster, using assasinations to enhance his power. His victims included a mother of four, stabbed in front of her children by Muhammeds hitman.
He signed a treaty with the Jews of Medina, only to violate it and slaughter every male Jew. The women were sold as slaves, a practice Islam condones.
And worst of all, Muhammed was a sexual predator, who not only stole a wife from his adopted son, but also married and sexually abused his NINE YEAR OLD niece Aisha.

Why should I respect Muhammad or his teachings?

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Thomas    Schackleford    9/4/2006 5:10:01 AM
Well put answer to the specific question, Schackleford!
I answered on the general ramifications, because if we bend to this one, holy trees, holy stones and gravel are the next to demand "respect".
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