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Subject: Stand fast in Musa Qala!
Thomas    9/3/2006 8:52:32 AM
I'm a bit surprised that the recent events in Afghanistan hasn't made its mark on this board. The report is wrong in so far as tendency: The rifle company was rotated out after a month in the firing line and had suffered incessant Taliban attack. They hurt the Taliban to the extend they abstained from infantry attack and concentrated on mortars. They suffered only one casualty (sad as it is). This was a stand in the best traditions of light infantry - and the bloody best a Danish combat unit has done in over 100 years.
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Thomas    Operation Medusa   9/3/2006 7:52:17 PM
It seems like Danish troops are involved in an offensive:
I hope they are all right all of them.
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TAC II       9/3/2006 8:51:38 PM
The light recce sqn that was based in Musa Qala suffered an intense 5 weeks with more than 50 incidents. 8 were wounded, two of which seriously. :(
The incidents consisted of just about everything. Ambushes, IEDS, sniper and rocket attacks... One Eagle I is supposed to be a wreck because of an IED.
The rotation out of Musa Qala was supposedly part of prior planning.
The Taliban on the other hand suffered 25 dead from the firefights and a further estimated 40-45 from the air support, probably directed by the organic FAC's.
The light recce sqn and troops from the artillery reg has now joined Medusa.
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TAC II       9/3/2006 8:53:42 PM
Btw, the fiercest fighting done by Danish Force since WWII is still Bosnia 1994 and Afghanistan 2003 (?). Not to forget Kosovo...
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Schackleford       9/4/2006 4:05:26 AM


Btw, the fiercest fighting done by Danish Force since WWII is still Bosnia 1994 and Afghanistan 2003 (?). Not to forget Kosovo...

According to Colonel Møller, who commanded Operation Bøllebank, Musa Qala is 10 times Bosnia.
It is the fiercest fighting that the Royal Danish Army has done since Dybbøl Mølle 1864. Colonel Møller even suggested that the troops should be nominated for the Ministry of Defence Medal of Bravery.

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Thomas    10 X Bøllebank   9/4/2006 5:17:00 AM
Møller is  probably right; but what I consider important is that:
1. A company was fighting.
2. For a prolonged period.
3. Was kept supplied.
4. If Taliban casualties is anything to go by; then they fought against at least 3 times superior force.
A much harder test.
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TAC II       9/4/2006 6:49:18 PM

It is a matter of perception, but it is hard to argue against a character like Møller. ;)

Bøllebank was a sqn of MBT's vs a btn sized infantry unit, but it was over in hours.

On destruction of infrastructure and SF ops, Kosovo probably takes it.

Inflicted fatalities on the enemy is probably Afghanistan 2003.

As an prolonged infantry battle Musa Qala takes it.

As to the supplies brought up to the Danes at Musa Qala. You may not have realised it, but the British have been involved in extensive fights when running supplies and patrols up to Musa Qala. Much of the recent heavy fighting by the Brits and casualties on both sides has been associated to that.

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Thomas    Supply   9/4/2006 7:49:59 PM
Yea I saw the supply question treated in the Guardian  - I think.
I have the major paper on tabs.
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Schackleford    Danish Forces to receive heavier equipment   9/11/2006 11:28:41 AM

Following the criticism of the vehicles, the Army is dispatching 15 of our modernized M113, to allow the troops to freely choose between lighter and heavier vehicles.
Apparently, the ancient M113 is preferred over the Piranha or the CV90, for some reason that I can't figure out

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Thomas       9/11/2006 12:53:41 PM
That's one way of getting rid of old junk: Send them to Afghanistan.
I hope they realise the difference between motorised and mech infantry.
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TAC II       10/22/2006 11:27:42 AM

There are some videos around but this may be the tackiest. :D

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