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Subject: Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007
TheArmchairCmd    4/28/2006 7:00:06 PM

The Swedish Air Force propose reducing their number of Gripen to 100 in four combat sqns and one training sqn. All in the C/D configuration. But they also say that "The Armed Forces plans also propose a new operational capability through the procurement of aircraft for strategic air movement." Something to ponder is what transport they are thinking of. The already operate C-130s, so perhaps A400M? Lastly, a greater role for Navy and Air Force? Well, their expeditionary Gripen sqn with IOC 2008 is already expected. Will the navys new role result in that we'll see Visbys, subs and minesweepers in potential int'l hotspots? Here it is: target=_blank>Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007: Reduced Administration - Increased Operational Effectiveness (Source: Swedish Armed Forces Command; issued April 26, 2006) Yesterday, 25 April, the Armed Forces submitted their budget proposals for 2007 to the Government. The proposals assume implementation of a series of measures recommended by the Government Defence Management Inquiry, which began late last year. These measures cover the whole defence sector and aim to transfer savings in administrative costs to operational activities. It is proposed that the Armed Forces ability to make units and resources available for international and national crisis management increases in both quantity and quality during the period up to 2009. The Armed Forces' plans include continued commitment in the Balkans and Afghanistan. From 2008 the Armed Forces will have the capability to contribute to two major and three minor crisis management operations simultaneously. Units in the Navy and the Air Force should be given a greater role in international operations. The Government's increased requirement for the ability to take part in international operations and a rapid reaction capability will lead to changes in manpower planning, including terms and conditions of service and recruitment. The Armed Forces' manpower planning aims will be presented to the Government at a later date. After completion of basic training, forms of service in the Armed Forces will be developed further and will include new contracts for personnel on standby for possible international duty. Steps will be taken in order to eventually reduce the fighter fleet to 100 JAS Gripen, Versions C and D, suitable for international operations. This number of aircraft is well suited to the Armed Forces' operational requirements. The Armed Forces plans also propose a new operational capability through the procurement of aircraft for strategic air movement. This is an important requirement to meet the increased demand not only for volume and distance, but also for the possible evacuation of personnel or humanitarian aid efforts. Work to produce a balanced research and development plan continues with defence agencies and authorities and in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence. It is estimated that the consequences of this work will mean that this whole area of expertise will be phased out in order to maintain sufficient levels in other prioritised areas.
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   4/28/2006 7:02:52 PM
I got the 4+1 Gripen Sqns from here: But it is in Swedish, and there are not that many Swedes lurking around on SP. ;)
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Thomas3    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   4/28/2006 9:04:32 PM
Well TAC, we are some that try to represent the true Sweden. First of all: The strategic lift capability is an outcome of the tsunami-disaster wich was not so much of a c0ckup, but sheer indifference from the authorities - leading to some very nasty conclusions about the government and one of the reasons the government might loose power this fall. There are litteraly produced bodies to indicate incompetence and wrong priority. They will probably get around to buy some second hand 767 or something. The other thing about the 100 Gripen. Considering that Sweden has traditionally had a very large airforce, this is close to disbanding the airforce. For international OPS the Gripen is next to useless, if you do not count the Baltic states - which are members of NATO. The Gripen has to short a range, no air-air refuelling, they are going to be very difficult to supply and maintain for longer periods of time. Secondly: a very large part of the defence investment has gone into the Gripen - which they now nearly admit is wasted. In reality the Swedish neutrality stance is abandoned. Sweden will never ever again be able to produce a full range of weapons. Look at this way: Denmark has 50 odd F-16's which is half the Swedish airforce, plus is still getting the F-35, where Sweden will be sattled with the white elephants. The Swedish conscription system is not going to survive. Furthermore it is in my evaluation, that NATO and Russia cannot see any justification for an increased cooperation with Sweden - which is probably the real reason why they withdrew from the NATO exercise. Did Sweden withdraw - or were hey told to leave. NATO does not care for Sweden one way or the other. It is not the fat thug from Sweden that is invited for dinner in the White House: Colin Powel was a polite man and told them (after Anna Lindh death he specifically said that the US and Sweden did not agree on much) nicely. Condi has much nicer legs and a sharper tongue.
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AdvanceAustralia    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   4/28/2006 11:36:48 PM
100 Gripen does sound very low for the Swedish Air Force (even the RAAF is getting up to 100 JSF and they only have to defend Darwin). How many fighters does Sweden normally have in service?
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Thomas3    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   5/8/2006 2:42:12 PM
I believe at the hight of strength in the 1950'ies the Swedish air farce had about 700-800 planes.
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JIMF    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   5/8/2006 2:52:58 PM
"I believe at the hight (typo) of strength in the 1950'ies the Swedish air farce (not a typo)" Yes, I believe at that time the numerically strong Swedish Air Force was primarily made up of Lansens with the Draken coming on board in the early 60s. Their navy at that point also had at least one cruiser, Gota Lejon, I think was the name.
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Thomas3    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   5/9/2006 8:01:35 PM
Well Sweden has always had a strong defence, as they wanted to maintain neutrality. No doubt about it: It was a smart use of a naturally uninteresting position. It is not only I; but all persons from the imminently sensible to the raving lunatic share the oppinion: Who would go to Sweden if they could avoid it - let a lone occupy a country well suited for depots of chemical and radioactive waste. It did cost them: High defence cost and high food prices, because they tried actually to grow things on soil barely suited to match-rawmaterial. One of the reasons for the mass exodus to USA late 19'th century.
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JIMF    RE:Swedish Armed Forces Budget Proposals 2007   5/10/2006 2:55:45 PM
"One of the reasons for the mass exodus to USA late 19'th century." Just about the time we became an imperial power and starting minding everyone else's business. hmmm.
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Thomas3    JIMF   5/11/2006 10:06:36 PM
I never thought of that!! You might have a point! Fortunately the Swedish is pretty much diluted.
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