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Subject: Denmark meets Islam.
Tommi Atkins    4/8/2006 5:08:04 PM Meeting between Danish and Muslim youth. Feel the love.
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Thomas3    RE:Denmark meets Islam.   4/9/2006 8:08:42 PM
I would say the attitude is firming. The opposition has tried to critisize the government for handling the matter to USA friendly, but has not had any real voter response to that. the bleeding heart - Radikale Venstre (normally a center/slightly left party) has had its guts torn out as a palistinean immigrant from Syria (he is living under police protection - big time) has come out flatly against the religious imams, denounced the the party line of trying to form a government with Labour after an election, and is charming the little old ladies (of both sexes and ages) which are their main stock in trade. The Labour leader has fallen flat on her face so often that the main square is dented. The only real problem is that the laws cannot be tightned any more. The judiciary spokesperson (a policechief battleaxe so tough that she could make Margaret Thatcher and Adelaine Allbright look like Mary Poppins) has spoken AGAINST given the police further powers. Let's put it like this: From my perspective it seems like the Danish public is thoroughly pi$$ed orrff.
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Thomas    RE:Denmark meets Islam.   8/11/2006 3:06:01 PM Who said Denmark lost respect in the muslim world??????
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