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Subject: switebull: One for You
Thomas3    3/23/2006 7:16:11 AM
A french TV-journalist has reported conversations with the Danish Imams (Filmed with a hidden camera) where the imams clearly stated: 1. They had stirred up the trouble to inflame muslims in Europe. 2. They targeted Jyllands-Posten because they said it was run by jews. 3. They threatned the journalist that bad thing might happen to him and his family - if he did not portray the Danish imams in a positive way. The ludicrious thing is that the most violent critic of Jyllands-Posten, the big daily newspaper Politiken, is the one that is "run by jews". Thøger Seidenfaden is chief editor and the former editor and current coloumnist Herbert Pundik (double Danish/Israeli citizen) are jews - which hasn't interested anybody before! Thinking a journalist that lives under police protection will not expose them because of a few threats is beyond credulity!!! How idiotic must you be to pass an examination for imam????
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Shirrush    RE:switebull: One for You   3/23/2006 9:11:42 AM
Thomas, you forgot to post a link to the Frenchman's story. Although I'm convinced that will have the story in due time, I'd love to get a preview. Make my day!
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Thomas3    RE:switebull: One for You   3/23/2006 8:47:20 PM Reference in Danish, You might get it on danish text-TV as well.
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Thomas3    RE:switebull: One for You   3/23/2006 8:56:03 PM
The Danish press has been all over the story today: Every political leader has been shocked, appalled, .... yada-yada-yada. My guess is that the police is keeping those thugs under so close scrutiny that they have not had the necessary obscurity to actually plan and execute a terror hit! Right now I think various departments are going over their application for Danish nationality with a very critical eye. If it can be proven the application had falsified information, they will be returned to sender - once again letting the Israelies take care of them. One thing worth remembering: Denmark has no prison - even for the most henious criminals - that is so bad as the life on the street in a middle eastern country. Lots of criminals abscond abroad. They generally return to serve their sentence when they run out of money.
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Thomas3    Update   3/28/2006 6:05:41 PM
The imams have been interviewed by the police yesterday, though no charges has been brought and they were released - after 5 hours.
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