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Subject: Cousins
gf0012-aust    4/23/2004 5:04:14 AM
I guess now that we've married into the Royal Family, Aussies are the new second "cousins" for the Danes. Who says you can't pick your relatives? ;)
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Thomas    RE:Cousins   4/23/2004 5:41:37 AM
Yes all public employees get half the day off. Hope You can see the TV transmission. The Royal Guard in their bushbees and red no1 uniform (they are grenadeers - today heavy infantry - mind you those rifles they are carrying are not just for show). Never been much to that regiment after we lost Scania - though. You'll se the Garderhusar Regiment, which functions as the cavalry element of the Royal Household military forces, in their blue uniforms. As the crown prince is trained as a special forces frogman, I hope to see them in scubadive gear waddling through the streets of Copenhagen - but that is only wishfull thinking i suppose. He has been with the Sirius Patrol in North Eastern Greenland, but I don't suppose we will se an escort with dogsledges either (they have a breaking problem and the dogs tend to be agressive and might eat the police dogs). By the way my wiffe has family in Australia, so rather a nice Aussie girl than a degenerated obscure european princess. I hope Mary Donaldson can stand the pressure, they are doing what they can, not to blitz her, and she has respect for the job - which is allways a good start.
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gf0012-aust    RE:Cousins   4/23/2004 5:48:51 AM
I went to Rosenborg Castle last year, the guards I saw were in blue, were they part of the Garderhusar Regiment? It's certainly an impressive building, and the armoury was amazing. I must say that I really enjoyed myself - almost as good as Billunds major attraction. ;) Whereabouts is your wifes family in Australia?
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Thomas2    RE:Cousins   4/23/2004 5:19:13 PM
No that was the Royal Guard in their no2 uniform - that is their everyday uniform - the red one is for festive occations. Rosenborg is the barracks for the guarding company. The privates in uniform other than guard uniform are recogniseable on their "rex-badge" worn instead of grade distinction. The rex-badge is the name-drawing of the sovereign - for time being M2 mirrored and intertwined. The Garderhusars have the same right. A few days ago I walked in the neighbourhood and looked over the head of one of the guards - sorry state: They are admitting dwarfs now. Rosenborg is one of the finest examples of renaissance architecture in Denmark. If You come again, I'll show You the Naval museum. Their collection of construction models for all the men of war is quite unike. The army museum (Tøjhusmuseet) has one of the finest collection in the world of small arms. The airforce museum is not so impressive - but then: Aircraft are a very recent invention, but in a few hundred years time it will be allright. The viking-ship museum in Roskilde is also quite nice. My wifes family live in Sidney, Mosman. Pretty impressive Operahouse You got there.
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southern cross    RE:Cousins   6/25/2004 7:16:11 AM
so how do you think the princess is doing?
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Thomas    RE:Cousins   6/25/2004 10:40:15 AM
Oh, she'll be allright. She knows how to keep her mouth shut, and say nothing stupid - in stark contrast to the entire british royal family and in particular the Swedish King, who is always available for an exceedingly stupid remark. Mary is apparently not tooo fazed by the public attention and is accepting coaching - it is a hard job to learn, though the perks are nice.
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Danuas    RE:Cousins   6/25/2004 9:08:23 PM
Yea i remember the swedish kings last remark. He was talking about how the Sultan of Brunei is so close to the people and how wounderful it is. Well... true to all that.. oh yea the Sultan of Brunei is also an absolute dictator who opposes democratise of Brunei. Nice done Carl XVI Gustaf.
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Thomas    RE:Cousins   6/28/2004 9:21:45 AM
Don't get me started on Carl Gustav stories: He said once, that being a regent is so difficult, that it must be a man. With this comparatively short statement, he has added so many dimentions to smug stupidity, that it defies credulity.
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Foulfoot    Dwarves, midgets, mental cases..!   1/28/2005 11:53:16 PM
Sounds like Thomas served in the DLG, himself... Every former rex-badger complains that they're letting in midgets these days, but then along comes this Gran' Ole Officer wagging his tongue, and all of a sudden, the rest of us can see that who is being admitted to the regiment isn't the problem, as much as it is whom of the old has-beens aren't being admitted to an asylum..! Sheesh, they breed 'em strange in there :)
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Thomas    RE:Dwarves, midgets, mental cases..!   2/9/2005 7:18:26 AM
No I've never been in the DLG.
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