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Subject: So why bother with facts, when you can vote on nitwits?
TheArmchairCmd    12/13/2005 6:04:14 PM
...from another thread... Unity list = Red-Green Alliance Uprising = Rebellion TARGET=_blank>Police slam political party's website Political party the Red-Green Alliance is facing police charges and the confiscation of it website for its support for terrorist organisations Police are threatening to confiscate a website registered to the leftist Red-Green Alliance after the political party refused to remove a link to a group charged with supporting terror. In addition, the party's six MPs are facing criminal charges for defying a police order to remove an appeal from the group from a party affiliated website, national broadcaster DR reported. The Red-Green Alliance has refused demands from the Copenhagen Police to remove an appeal from Association Rebellion to support groups such as FARC in Colombia, the PFLP in Palestine, and other groups listed by the EU and the UN as terrorist organisations. 'It is natural that we ask the court to have the website confiscated. We can't have that kind of appeal for illegal behaviour circulating on the internet,' said Michael Jørgesen, attorney for the Copenhagen police. Association Rebellion's own website was closed down in August after the Copenhagen City Court ruled that it supported terrorist organisations. The decision was upheld by the Supreme Court. After the police closed down Association Rebellion's website, the appeal appeared on the Red-Green Alliance's own website, as well as on the websites of other leftist organisations. The party did remove the appeal from its website at the request of the police, but it now appears on a website registered in the party's name. The party said that keeping the appeal on the internet was a matter of freedom of speech. 'For the Red-Green Alliance, it isn't a matter of supporting a specific organisation, but a matter of the right to express one's political points of view and to support groups that share those views,' said MP Line Barfoed, Red-Green judicial affairs spokesman. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I consider my mind flexible enough to understand the rationale behind most human behaviour, even if I don't agree with it. But this is beyond me. FARC, a poor ideological excuse for kidnapping and producing drugs? PFLP, need I say more? Geez. The spokesman for Rebellion has previously justified the killing of Danish soldiers in Iraq. It's certainly not this agenda that brought a few of them in parliament. These people have no ground under their feet. As you said Thomas, they win their votes on "solidarity and environment." TAC
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Thomas3    RE:So why bother with facts, when you can vote on nitwits?   12/13/2005 9:51:07 PM
There is an interesting point which would be lost on our foreign freinds: The position as chief of police in Copenhagen is occupied by Hanne Bech Hansen (or has been). She is former chief of police intelligence. The post is weird. The first chief of Copenhagen Police was Ole Rømer (the physicist that measured the speed of light as the first). It was intended as a sinecure post (i.e. money; but no real work) so Rømer could do his research (Newton was made commissioner of the Royal Mint with the same intention). Trouble was: Both took their job serious - and were actually rather competent.
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